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    2009 R6

    Selling my R6 and I made a listing for Craigslist so I’ll just copy that here instead of reinventing the wheel.
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    Anyone now a good repair shop

    So my buddy is having issues with his QS and auto blipper. He played with the timing at his last day but it won’t work after 3 or 4 gear. The sensors are new so thinking maybe something with the ECU or something else. Suggestions ?
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    2021 schedule

    So...any word on what nexts year’s schedule will look like? Hopefully the cursed year that is 2020 will stay gone and an awesome schedule awaits. Also will it be out before the usual membership sale?...cause that would be sweet
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    2016 R6

    I’m selling my 2016 R6. Has 12.768 miles on it. Fresh fluids in the the spring of this year. Has Pirelli Diablo angel GT tires with plenty of life left. Has woodcraft rear sets,GPR steering stabilizer,CRG levers and SS brake lines. Also the Graves fender eliminator kit. Have the stock parts to...
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    NC bike sign up question

    So when I click on the register tab to register a drop down menu that says skill level only has Novice and intermediate so does this mean advanced is full? It says advanced is TBD. Don’t know if I missed my chance or not. Thanks
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    Summit Point 7/8/2019

    So I see N2 has a 3 day event at Summit Main from 7/6-7/8, however it's not available to sign up for. It is listed on the Summit point website but not on the even registration. Is this day available or an error? Thanks
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    Just a thank you

    Just wanted to say thanks to all the CR’s and N2 staff for an outstanding weekend at Summit Point. You ladies and gentlemen run an organization that in my opinion is second to none on all levels and it shows each and every track day I ride with you guys. I would also like to thank CR...
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    Google calendar

    This might've been mentioned but I was wondering if anyone had a Google calendar version of the calendar available...if so I would appreciate it
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    R1 pins for TRS looking to swap for R6

    I recently bought a brand new TRS system from a friend of mine who is hanging it up. It's brand new in the box and it came with a set of R1 pins and I have an R6 so I was wondering if anyone had a set they might consider trading before I drop $90 on a set. I also realize the best solution...
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    Will this be OK for tech?

    So before I buy the day and make the drive to NC bike I would like to know from a tech inspector type of this would be ok.
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    Thanks for the help at Shenny yesterday

    I would like to thank John and a CR my wife thinks his name was Josh (she was a bit flustered) but thanks for helping her out while I was being flown out also thanks to the riders that came over and offered to help her out as well I greatly appreciate it. I know she was having a hard time and I...
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    Upgrading to elite

    Not sure if someone else has brought this up or not, but I was wondering if I wanted to upgrade to elite would I have to pay the whole $199 or would my basic membership price count towards it? If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Shenandoah configuration

    I have never run this track with this org before, but I have run it a couple of times with another org. I was wondering what the configuration would be for this track this coming weekend....Thanks
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    New in WV

    Hello everyone. I recently hit the track pipe and now I'm hooked. I have done 3 days with motorcycle xcitement so far at summit main and shenny and had a blast. Also I bought my track bike of of a N2 member and got a phenomenal deal. I am hoping to ride with N2 at Jefferson or NC bike maybe...