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  1. StickMan74

    RST 38/48 Airbag suit Charlotte NC

    Brand new suit, size 38/48. Bought to get the wife on track, but things have changed. Airbag box has not been activated. Will ship for actual cost. Will meet within an hour of Charlotte NC
  2. StickMan74

    CMP Oct. 16-17

    Looking forward to another great N2 event. Got a "new to me" bike I'm bringing also, along with a buddy who has never ridden on a track. Hope to find a CR that can work with him for a bit. Anyway, hope to see some of y'all there. Sent from my T770B using Tapatalk
  3. StickMan74

    WTB Tire warmers

    Haven't had any luck with getting any. If anyone has an extra set they want to get rid of, please message me. Need some for 120/180 tires. I'm right outside of Charlotte for a local deal, and don't mind paying for shipping on the right deal either. Thanks, Shane.
  4. StickMan74

    Another from North Carolina

    Hey everyone, I'm Shane from Harrisburg (right outside of Charlotte). Old racer from back in the day with WERA. Quit racing and street riding for 19 years, but now back at it doing some track days. Thanks for having me. Sent from my T770B using Tapatalk