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  1. vinny337

    2013 GSXR 750 FOR SALE

    Bump for a bike that is well setup and meticulously maintained!
  2. vinny337

    2017 BMW S1000RR

    Clean bike Bro!
  3. vinny337

    New (tire) guy here

    Stickboy is the Man!!
  4. vinny337

    New guy from SC

    Welcome aboard Dave!
  5. vinny337

    Guess what... Another new guy.

    Welcome to N2!
  6. vinny337

    WTB Lap timer

    I have a Starlane Stealth GPS-4
  7. vinny337

    Miles between suspension refreshes

    I normally change mine twice a year, before the season starts and mid season. Front what I understand you're supposed to base your refresh on how many hours you ride.
  8. vinny337

    GoPro mounts and locations

    Nice pic! When Dave follows you....never mind. :D
  9. vinny337

    Former Midwest Rider

    Welcome to N2!
  10. vinny337

    Second Track Day, First with N2

    Welcome to N2!
  11. vinny337

    Hey everyone!

    They aren't aggressive, it's more like passionate. :cool: Hope to see you there...
  12. vinny337

    Hey everyone!

  13. vinny337

    Racing vs track days?

    A lot of great info covered, once you go and experience a race weekend you'll know if it's for you. Enjoy!
  14. vinny337

    Another FNG

    Welcome to N2!
  15. vinny337

    What oil are you guys using?

    +1 for Rotella T6 5W-40
  16. vinny337

    New to N2.

    Welcome to N2!
  17. vinny337

    tire warmers

    Chicken Hawk tire warmers, that is all...
  18. vinny337

    Anyone know the photo vendor at NCBike 25May20?