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  1. Otto Man

    30 amp @summit point

    Yes, plenty of 30 amp spots. There is a security/electric guy that rolls around in the paddock quite frequently. IIRC there's a phone number on the power boxes, but if you leave the hazards on your tow vehicle, they'll stop by.
  2. Otto Man

    Pittrace Bad Crash 4/23/2022

    First and foremost, so glad you are here with us given your situation. Your specific loss of brakes into T7 isn't unheard of. Several people have experienced the same thing. Of course all we can do is spectulate for each case, but I personally have had a few head shake moments and had a time...
  3. Otto Man

    2 bikes on one track day.

    Yep, bring both bikes through tech and you're good to go.
  4. Otto Man

    planning track day weekend

    You will no doubt love PittRace! You'll definitely want 2 days there, as one of the longest tracks in the country, it'll take you damn near all of the first day to memorize which direction the next corner goes!
  5. Otto Man

    Novice passing zones?

    You can't legislate common sense. Rules are defined and discussed in the rider's meeting at the beginning of every single morning. Riders can listen, nod their head in acknowledgement, but how do you stop it once they're on track? You can't. Best you can do is see it, correct it afterward, and...
  6. Otto Man

    Novice passing zones?

    It's about as clearly defined as you can make it. Passing is allow on the straight sections on the track, either on the gas or the brakes. It is considered an inside pass if the bike you're intending to pass is on the brakes and has already begun tipping into the corner (assuming you are trying...
  7. Otto Man

    New to Endurance

    By far and large the relay endurance is much easier, much more simple, and is a great stepping stone to endurance racing. Get 3 of your buddies to get on board and get your feet wet and do the relay endurance. You will not be able to do an entire 4 hour on a rear on a R6...unless the entire team...
  8. Otto Man

    New to Endurance

    Ultra light weight endurance (Ninja 300/400/R3/etc) are 2 hour and lightweight/medium/heavyweight is 4 hours. Entry is something like $500 pre entry and $525 or something like that if you sign up the day of. Yes, it's on [your team] to split up who rides your bike throughout the track day for...
  9. Otto Man

    Few Questions on Nelson Ledges (July 30)

    Tightening up your apex at the kink will pay dividends to making up time through there. From earlier this year:
  10. Otto Man

    Safe passing - a must read!!!!

    I applaud your methodical approach to this sport and wish more beginner riders had the same mentality. As time goes on, those you know in the paddock will grow more and more and just like with your dirt bike friends, you'll always give each other crap when one of you can't keep up. However, at...
  11. Otto Man

    Pitt 7/10

    Like Brian says...rev that bitch like she owes you money. :)
  12. Otto Man

    TRS mounting

    Something like these have worked for people in the past (obviously using the right size insert) If you are at all able to access the underside of the floor, and set one of these in, they work...
  13. Otto Man

    What’s up with my tire?

    Like the others said, hard to say because all we can do is speculate since none of us know the history of the tire. I remain adamant that the tires that are currently on it should never be a consideration when buying a used track bike. A new-to-you track bike should always get a fresh set of...
  14. Otto Man

    Pitt 7/10

    My experience is the opposite of yours. I've had dirt bikes growing up, but never did any hare scrambles or MX. The majority of my adulthood riding has been track riding, and when I recently (last 2-3 years) got into dirt bikes, I was flabbergasted at the [what I thought] complete lack of...
  15. Otto Man

    Thanks for the bump starts

    Been there done that! Nothing like getting the blood pumping pop starting your bike every session! LOL Makes you appreciate hitting that easy button, doesn't it?!
  16. Otto Man

    Late fee what?!

    Again, what difference does it make? Does that $30 spend any less in your wallet if it said "A $30 early discount will be applied if registered 16 days out? If any rider plans to do more than 3-4 days a year, I don't know why it's not the first thing to purchase. $30 "fee" (discount? :) ) x 4...
  17. Otto Man

    Late fee what?!

    I always find this topic kind of humorous since a play of words can have such a drastic outlook difference for some people. Is it a late fee? Or early registration discount? In the end, what different does it make? The prices are what they are. This is a widely used business model across...
  18. Otto Man

    Pittrace 5/15 -5/16 tires

    I would say the Q3 is the Dunlop brother of the Pirelli TD