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  1. jcurtis

    Road Atlanta July 4-5, 2020 Cancelled

    Road Atlanta management was forced to reschedule a major spectator event this spring to later in the year. Unfortunately, that event is now rescheduled for our July 4 - 5 weekend. The N2 Track Days event on July 4-5 at Road Atlanta will not take place. We are disappointed about this, as we love...
  2. jcurtis

    N2 Track Days Covid-19 Update

    Dear members, We continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation. With the current virus related restrictions put in place, our April events cannot be held. All riders registered for our April events at CMP, Pitt Race and NJMP have been contacted and will automatically be credited by the...
  3. jcurtis

    NJMP Thunderbolt May 20th Bumps and Credits are in System

    Congratulations everyone on a fantastic day!
  4. jcurtis

    Roll Call- Pitt Race August 18-19- Annual N2 Air Fence Fundraiser/Potluck

    OK folks, the annual N2 Track Days Air Fence Fundraiser event is a week away. Saturday following the track day we will have a pot luck dinner and a live auction with some great prizes. This fundraiser is open to everyone and all money raised will go towards purchasing additional air fence...
  5. jcurtis

    Pitt Race Video Request

    We are looking for video (and photos) from Pitt Race for a spot the track is putting together to promote the facility. They are looking for racer/driver interaction, fan activity, and of course wheels on pavement. If you have any video please post up and let me know.
  6. jcurtis


    TENTATIVE 2017 SCHEDULE RELEASED We are happy to announce our tentative 2017 Schedule. We hope you like what we have in store for you this year. We still have a tweaking to do and are looking at additions to our dates and will make announcements as they are added. Note that some of these dates...
  7. jcurtis

    Pitt Race 5/21-22 Garage and Power Update

    Now that PIRC is starting their first full year with the Full Course they have changed a few things related to garage and power rentals. GARAGES: All garage rentals are to be made directly with Pitt Race. They only allow a certain number of motorcycles per bay (power requirements for tire...
  8. jcurtis

    Event Information- Barber, November 28-29

    Sorry for the delay everyone, but we were working out a few things for this upcoming event. To enter the track everyone must go to the Porsche building adjacent to the track gates for credentials and to sign the necessary waivers. It typically opens about 5:30pm (Central Standard Time) but we...
  9. jcurtis


    ** DISCOUNTS ON PACKAGES AND MEMBERSHIPS HAS ENDED ** Check here for more information on the Packages: Or contact us at 1-(855)-263-0200 or email us at: N2 TENTATIVE 2016 SCHEDULE...
  10. jcurtis

    The N2 2016 Season is Around the Corner!

    *** PLEASE NOTE, PACKAGE & MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS HAVE ENDED. *** Christmas is coming early this year, and N2 is kicking it off with some exciting 2016 deals. Our season packages are limited in quantity, so don't miss out! Whether you're looking for holiday gift certificates or to take...
  11. jcurtis

    Announcement About NJMP Lightning October 3 & 4

    Though the center of the hurricane may or may not directly make landfall in NJ, flooding and significant wind gusts will certainly be felt all up and down the East Coast. In addition another storm system threatening heavy rain and significant flooding will be with us through the weekend. These...
  12. jcurtis

    2015 N2 Track Days Air Fence Fundraiser @ Pitt Race Details

    UPDATED BELOW N2 Track Days 2015 Fundraiser Pitt Race- Saturday evening, July 18th N2 Track Days will be holding an air fence fundraiser event this Saturday evening July 18th at Pittsburgh International Raceway (Pitt Race) in conjunction with our Saturday & Sunday track days with the unveiling...
  13. jcurtis

    N2 Track Days 2015 Air Fence Fundraiser

    UPDATE FOR PITT RACE IS HERE: N2 Track Days will be holding an air fence fundraiser event this Saturday evening July 4th at Road Atlanta in conjunction with our Saturday & Sunday track...
  14. jcurtis

    Dominion Raceway Update

    We stopped in at Dominion Raceway recently to walk the site and review the progress. The good news is that they keep moving forward to finish the facility. Unfortunately the track will not be ready for our August and September events. They are trying to get us on track for our October dates, but...
  15. jcurtis

    Advanced Group Coolants

    Non-glycol products are approved in the Advanced group. This will be updated in the riders manual. We will not list each product, but as long as it's 100% glycol free (non-glycol) coolant it is approved for the Advanced group. We will reserve the right to modify this policy due to new...
  16. jcurtis

    2014 N2 Air Fence Fundraiser Details

    . . ****THIS THREAD IS OUTDATED. SEE THIS LINK FOR 2015 FUNDRAISER INFORMATION: N2 Track Days is holding its Inaugural Air Fence Fundraiser this Saturday evening August 2nd at New Jersey Motorsports...
  17. jcurtis

    New Control Rider Welcome

    We would like to announce that Allen Miles has joined N2 as a Control Rider. Many of you already know Allen or may have noticed his 'Apex Racing' R6's in the paddock. His experience with managing and training individuals on complex scientific issues in his day job, along with his 7 years of...
  18. jcurtis

    Tekonsha Prodigy 2 Brake Controller

    Just upgraded to a rig that has an integrated brake controller so I don't need this anymore. If you are towing and don't have one it's well worth the upgrade. I used this to pull my 6x12 enclosed trailer with a mid-sized SUV. Really took the load off my SUV and made for a safer transport...
  19. jcurtis

    NJMP Season Opener and Rumor Control

    This past weekend at NJMP was a great season opener and I had a blast riding, seeing good friends and meeting new memers, but I want to adress rumors of a UFO sighting on Sunday at Thunderbolt. Simplest explanation might be that it was a weather balloon that dropped down from the atmosphere...
  20. jcurtis

    03 F4i Parts

    They are off a 2003 F4i PM me if you are interested. Rear turn signals- used, good condition $10 Stock mirrors- good condition $20 Rear wheel complete. Black. Good condition. $150