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  1. bmart

    VIR South Monday 8/1

    You guys know that this is my favorite track! A lot of riders have been only to the North Course, so I've reposted a few links here for familiarization to the South Course as the date gets closer. :) Prior post with a lot of info. Some video: A guy zipping around running 1:20s maxing out at...
  2. bmart

    Road Atlanta videos

    Posting a few as they load. This one is #44 Intermediate for a few laps on Saturday. Black/white bike.
  3. bmart

    Road Atlanta track walk

    Hey all. Weather permitting, I'm open to doing a track walk for folks Friday and/or Saturday after the track goes cold at 5 p.m. Chime in if you're interested. You'll be amazed at the helpful nuances that'll make you faster and safer on track over the weekend!
  4. bmart

    CMP Thank you

    I had a blast at my first CMP of the season on Friday. Thank you to N2 for hosting and special thanks to the riders. This is the first track day at CMP (ever) where I saw no one go over the blend line at pit out or use the last apex before pit in. Kudos! I also witnessed a lot of great decision...
  5. bmart

    We're at the GP level!

    After watching this intro, I realize that I, and likely you, are at the GP level in this category! Stoked for the actual realease!
  6. bmart

    Happy holidays, all!

    Thanks for a (mostly) great 2021. Looking forward to a super 2022!
  7. bmart

    Favorite motocycling related pics

    Winter is coming up fast. Let's fill some time with some of our favorite pics from our sport. I'll start with...too many. :whistle: A little to the right, please. Lack of greeeeep in the back. Rossi auditioning for Dancing with the Stars. Ahhhh... Don't be sensitive. It is...
  8. bmart

    Road Atlanta from Charlotte?

    Hey all. I have a few parts for another coach but won't be making Road Atlanta next weekend. Are any of you going from the Charlotte area and mind delivering them? Just a few small parts like clean axles, nothing large or dirty. Thanks! I'm near route 485 and Rocky River Road and can meet you...
  9. bmart

    3 tracks 3 bikes; what do you choose?

    If you could run three track weekends on any bike(s) that you like, what would you choose? Portimao on a latest and last R6. I love the layout of that place and nothing beats riding a nimble Yamaha in the smiles department! And holy smokes on the racing there today, especially the big bikes...
  10. bmart

    Looking forward to NC Bike 9/18 - 9/19

    This is my last NC Bike event this season and the weather looks perfect for it! 60s in the a.m. and ~85F in the afternoon. Hope to see you all there. A few pics from last September:
  11. bmart

    Stoked for CMP 8/28-8/29

    Weather looks perfect! Get a garage to share for some shade or being a canopy. Be sure to start hydrating a few days prior. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  12. bmart

    GoPro YouTube video question

    Hey guys. My videos look spectacular in the GoPro tool and in Windows Media, but look like crap in YouTube, despite showing 1080. Any thoughts as to why? Thanks! b
  13. bmart

    VIR South August 2nd (Monday)

    Guys, we have ANOTHER chance to run the awesome VIR South course in just under a month. Folks who came in May had a blast! Join us. Some info on the track and people's feedback can be found on the thread for the May date, found here. Who is in???
  14. bmart

    Best advice from a Coach/Control Rider?

    What is the best advice that you've received from a track day Coach? Were you able to easily implement it? Share it with others to help them ride safer and faster? Are you still able to successfully implement it?
  15. bmart

    Who's in for VIR North Monday June 14th

    I'm hoping to putt around if I can get the day off. It is my slowest track by a long shot!
  16. bmart

    '03 R6 (R6S) high RPM power loss

    Hey all. I'm looking for some good ideas. I've been running thse bikes for years and know about the coil recall and problems. This symptom is similar, but coils have been replaced twice (despite testing showing they're good) and a new coil harnes has been tested and installed also/anyway. Fuel...
  17. bmart

    Riding efficiently

    Hi all, I'm always interested in hearing what techniques people use at a track day. Many people I ride with tell me that I look like I am using minimal energy to ride while they feel destroyed after each session and come in early and/or leave a day early. I used to go home and be in agony...
  18. bmart

    R6 fork request

    Hey all, Thermosman has my forks and tells me that the left fork has some internal wear; Yamaha parts NLA. We'd prefer to swap in a good one (which he'll modify for me). Do any of you have a left 03-04 R6 (R6S the same) left fork you don't need/want? I think that the p/n is 5SL-23102-00-00...
  19. bmart

    Goodbye 2020, Hello VIR South!

    Sunday May 30th and Monday August 2nd show on the 2021calendar. South is my favorite course. I'm so excited about this that I couldn't sleep last night. (Okay, I actually have had a migraine since yesterday...but while migraining, I was thinking about the SOUTH COURSE!) Let's hear some of those...
  20. bmart

    Miles between suspension refreshes

    How long do you guys go before you refresh forks/shock on your track bikes?