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  1. joeyb

    NCBike A group video

    Followed my buddy John for a few laps after he just got his A bump, not sure which session, but damn was it fun!!! Only video we took all weekend for some reason?
  2. joeyb

    VIR June 2, 2013 helmet cam - A group

    My first try with the helmet cam, next week I'll upload part 2, pretty cool view...
  3. joeyb

    WTB VIR N - A group for 6-1-13

    I have $ ready to roll via paypal, CC, whatever works for you...willing to pay $200 since I will be there anyway and riding sunday. Had to wait until last minute to sign up to make sure by bike was ready and A is full!? :doh:
  4. joeyb

    Vir n-n-n??? Aug 12-14....Is this for real yet???
  5. joeyb

    01 GSXR 750 Engine, throttle bodies, ecu, gauges

    I bought this engine from another member a few months ago to cheat and put into my 600 frame, but it won't fit. I don't want to make modifications to my frame or the engine to make it work, I don't have the skill or the balls to start hacking on a good engine or frame I think its possible to...
  6. joeyb

    Advanced group SED Day next year???

    Just thought I would throw this out there, I attended the SED days while in "B" and "I" groups at VIR, and loved every minute. Thought it would be cool if we could try an all "A" group day somewhere, any chances of that happening???
  7. joeyb

    VIR I Group videos from 7-3-10

    This session I dropped the bike like a dumbass while trying to put it on my rearstand...DOOH!!!:argh: This session Mark Perlstein was pullin me around and he went down behind me at the end, I'm glad I didn't have to see that, but I was still a little frazzled and...
  8. joeyb

    More videos from VIR SED South course - I Group

    The first and last 30 secs of each video are junk, I don't have any way to edit them but enjoy...
  9. joeyb

    Yellow R1 in pit lane???

    Anyone know if the guy riding the Yellow R1 that endo'd into the back of the ninja on pit road is OK? I was behind them when it happened, man was that scary and looked extremely painful!!! Also the RC51, number 343 I think went down in front of me later on in the day, ran off the track at the...
  10. joeyb

    NESBA at VIR 8-12-10

    On the VIR website it shows that NESBA is on the schedule for August 12th and it says open practice, this is the day before the AMA races/qualifying on the 13th, but there isn't a trackday on the NESBA this just a typo???
  11. joeyb

    SED days???

    I know the schedule just got posted, but I didn't notice any SED days on it. Are these going to be added in later, or are there not going to be any this year? If I'm asking a noob question, forgive me in advance, and try not to bite my head off :D
  12. joeyb

    Waiting list for open spots on trackdays

    This waiting list for trackdays is not very "user friendly" I signed up for the waiting list for a trackday in the middle of September for VIR patriot 10-18-09. I have missed out on 4 attempts to get the trackday from this waiting list:argh:. It seems more like a waiting lottery than a...
  13. joeyb

    WTB I Group VIR Patriot 10-18

    I got full course, just need patriot to make it a full fun filled weekend, let me know if you can't go...Cuz I'm already gonna be there, can't believe its sold out already!!! :banghead::doh::mad::(
  14. joeyb

    WTB Sunday 8-23 VIR B group

    A friend of mine wasn't able to get trackday in time for Sunday 8/23 VIR B group, we were all planning on doing Sunday/Monday, but he is coming with us either way, let me know if you can't make it and want to sell your trackday.
  15. joeyb

    Wanted: 2006 GSXR 600/750 plastics

    I'm lookin for a tail section for a friends 2006 GSXR 600/750, I need the left and right tail pieces, & tank cover in any colors. email pix of anything you have that may work to