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  1. Scorpion-Ninja

    Custom Leather Suit? One-X usa . . .

    Hi, I'm looking into getting a custom leather suit soon! Came across this brand of custom suit. Has anyone bought and used this brand before? Curious to hear what you think if you have one of these suits from One X!
  2. Scorpion-Ninja

    Turning motorcycle brake rotors

    Can you turn motorcycle brake rotors? Has anyone turned their brake rotors to get a lil bit more life out of them? What place can do motorcycle rotors? How much did it cost ya? Just curious . . .
  3. Scorpion-Ninja

    Stompgrip OR Techspec or . . .

    What is better "IMHO" . . . And GO!!!
  4. Scorpion-Ninja

    WTB your old Lap Timer Holder 50-51mm . . .

    Hi, anyone have an old XT Racing Lap Timer Holder 50-51mm (clamps around front forks style) laying around in your garage you'd wanna sell? * like this * I still use an old XT Racing lap timer. Let me know, Thanks!
  5. Scorpion-Ninja

    Painting bodywork, clear coating over vinyl decals/graphics?

    Hi, anyone have first hand experience and feedback about using this clear coat applied over vinyl decals/graphics on their bodywork??? USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat...
  6. Scorpion-Ninja

    Pitt Race riding while raining?

    Hello, I'm new here to this forum. I live in Michigan and do Grattan, Gingerman & Mid-Ohio normally! This season later on Im planning on coming down to PITTRACE for my first time there and with N2. How is PITTRACE in the wet compared to say Grattan/Mid-Ohio? (which basically are NO GO in the...
  7. Scorpion-Ninja

    Pirelli Superbike Slicks?

    Hi, I'm just a casual intermediate trackday guy. I was wondering, are tire warmers absolutely NEEDED to be used for racing slicks? Can you safely do 2 warm up laps to get them up to temp before pushing to ones best ability after those 1 or 2 warm up laps?
  8. Scorpion-Ninja

    Electrolyte, Hydration tablets?

    Hey, Has anyone tried using electrolyte/hydration tablets for trackdays to help with giving you that edge to keep hydrated along with drinking alot of water? I drink water 2 days before a trackday and ALOT during. But I still get pretty de-hydrated 1-2 sessions after lunchtime. Does anyone...
  9. Scorpion-Ninja

    WTB: Woodcraft Rearsets for my 09-11' Ninja 650R!

    Anyone have a good used set of woodcraft rearsets off a 09-11' Ninja 650R they would sell me? PM me the 411 . . . Thanks!