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  1. bayboy

    Track Gear!!!

    Gettin out i f the game and need these items gone. NEW - Hyperco 525 spring with spacers and shims. 80.00 Used - Joe Rocket 2 piece suit(sz46 jacket/34-36 waist pants) 200.00 Almost New - Gearne GP1 boots sz46/11US 200.00 obo Don't be afraid to make offers. Email me ot text for pics...
  2. bayboy

    04-05 ZX10r M4 Titanium Header and Mid Pipe 4 Sale

    Selling a titanium M4 header/mid pipe for a 04-05 ZX10r. The mid pipe has a slight crease in it as you can see by the pic. Would be ideal for the trackday guy or someone who isn't really caught up on appearance. Buy a canister and you're in business with a full exhaust for next to nothing...
  3. bayboy

    Take offs wanted.........

    Anyone got any take off sets(190/55 or 190/60 rear) in decent shape? Need tires and I refuse to buy brand new tires just so they can go flat in three months one the STRAIGHT ASS roads of gulf coast Mississippi. Lmk
  4. bayboy

    Gulf coast suspension needs.

    Are there any suspension gurus, he'll.........just someone who knows what they are doin. None of the local shops on the MS gulf coast know anything about setting sag, dialing in suspensions, ect.. Please help
  5. bayboy

    Somebody has to need this!!!

    I'm not selling it but ran across it lookin for a new rear tire. Pirelli slick brand new. Check it out.
  6. bayboy

    05-06 GSXR 1K part

    Anyone need a Hot Bodies windscreen? 60.00 shipped
  7. bayboy

    Pitbull Front Stand

  8. bayboy

    2006 CBR600rr FS

    Time to move again at the order of Uncle Sam. Can't take my track whore with me and she has to go. There aren't alot of mods but a great bike to start off with. She's been down once at VIR comin outta T1, had a lowside. Aside from some rash and a dust bath, no major damage. There is no...
  9. bayboy

    Teknic Boots

    I bought these and they have never seen anything past my bedroom as they are to small. They are Teknic Violator boots, size 45 EUR and never seen the road. 160.00 obo Sorry about the pics, for better one shoot me a email. Uploaded with
  10. bayboy

    04-05 ZX10r Clean frame with title and a few other things....

    Somebody has to be able to get some use outta this stuff. Clean frame w/ title 900.00 Motor w/ 6300 miles 800.00 GPR V1 Damper 250.00 Brembo m/c and lever 19x18 200.00 Pazzo Clutch lever(standard) 40.00 Swing arm 100.00 ECU 100.00 Need this stuff gone so I can start showing my house to sell...
  11. bayboy

    2005 ZX10r parts

    Here's what i got left.............. Clean frame w/ title 900.00 Motor w/ 6300 miles 800.00 GPR V1 Damper 250.00 Brembo m/c and lever 19x18 200.00 Pazzo Clutch lever(standard) 40.00 Fairing Stay 40.00 Swing arm 100.00 ECU 100.00 Need this stuff gone so I can start showing my house to sell...
  12. bayboy

    05-06 CBR600rr Guru's

    This past weekend at Summit, twice while under acceleration my bike got stuck in gear and slowed down to a stop. What could this be? It was brought to my attention that my tip sensor was in the wrong place by Vital. Could that be the problem? Me signin up for VIR in June is dependant on my...
  13. bayboy

    CBR 600RR Tip sensor

    How da hell you by-pass this stupid thing!!!
  14. bayboy

    CBR 600rr guru's HELP!!!

    Ok, here's the deal. I have an 06 trackbike and it keeps cutting off. If its on the kickstand, it won't start. If i stand it upright and move it from left to right and then try to start it it will start but as soon as I lean it back over to the kickstand.............. it shuts off again...
  15. bayboy


    I now have the GEN3 and want to get my track bike together. With the economy the way it is I'll be damned if i just GIVE it away. So the GEN1 must come apart. Heres the list: Clean frame w/ title 900.00 Motor w/ 6300 miles 900.00 AIM MXL Data Logger 750.00 Penske Double Clicker(for 200lbs...
  16. bayboy

    2005 ZX10r Track bike for sale or trade

    After my last day at VIR i have become man enough to admit something........... my baby is to much for me on the track. I attempted to do this a few months back and it didn't pan out It is my mission to learn as much as i can on the track this year and this bike won't let me do that. Bike is...
  17. bayboy

    WTB Barber B Group for 2nd and 3rd

    Anyone gotta cancel? I'm your guy!!! LMK via pm
  18. bayboy

    Anybody lookin for a change of pace

    I thought I wanted to slow down but the cruiser thing just isn't for me. Anyone interested? 6000.00 and she's yours. 2002 Custom Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 She's got it all: Raked out front end Chrome EVERYWHERE Corbin seat Custom made exhaust you can't buy ANYWHERE Hyper Charger Saddle bags...
  19. bayboy

    Ok i'm confused damnit!!!

    If you go to there are dates for Mar 19-21 for NESBA posted but on this site calendar those days aren't posted. Is the VIR calendar reliable or what?:confused:
  20. bayboy

    The search for I group status

    Who here was bumped from "B" to "I" at VIR? What were your average lap times on North before the NESBA Gods blessed you to the next level. I am "I" group with RL and TPM but NESBA doesn't see the same thing i guess. LOL Thanx in advance!