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  1. virtualsolitude

    This mean we get more Summit Main days?

    Between April 1 and end of June, SP main will have hosted 10 MC track days (among the various MC track day orgs). That doesn't include CCS race dates there (5 days).
  2. virtualsolitude

    Thank you N2 and NESBA

    ^^^ that first sentence. I remember those guys.
  3. virtualsolitude

    Pleasing the masses

    I was doing a search (for something entirely unrelated to this post) and this thread came up. It's a good read still. It's got me thinking and, now, I gotta write out my thoughts, add more to this discussion: Before I got my A bump (in 2022), I was a long-time "I" rider. In fact, I got the...
  4. virtualsolitude

    Do I need numbers?

    I work at race events and, when corner-working for motorcycle track day events, I can honestly say that bike numbers on about 40-50% of the track bikes fail the visibility test. Don't be in that half. The best plate and number configuration is: - yellow or white background plate - black...
  5. virtualsolitude

    Lap timer and data apps

    Is the video telemetry based on your gps receiver-enabled, RaceChrono app? If so, this is better than I expected. For video, are you using GoPro or your phone (and then overlaying the telemetry data onto the video)? I'm curious about the sensors too. Were they specific aftermarket add-ons? Or...
  6. virtualsolitude

    WTB: R6 race fairings and parts -- 06 through 2016

    I found a set of fairings. Thanks @Lakesidehi !! Still seeking other parts.
  7. virtualsolitude

    WTB: R6 race fairings and parts -- 06 through 2016

    Is anyone looking to unload a set of race fairings as well as parting out an R6? I'm looking for fairings for both 06/07 and 08+ Also looking for parts, some components specifically for 06/07 and other components for 08+
  8. virtualsolitude

    2008-2016 R6 Bodywork

    Saw the FB post was marked as sold. Marking it the same here: SOLD! :)
  9. virtualsolitude

    Track bike choices

    Agreed. Given the same rider ability on both bikes, the 300 is noticeably underpowered compared to the ninja 400. I track/race a 400. Agreed with @tdelegram . I've seen quite a few track-only sv650s on the market recently (for cheaper than a track-built 400, I might add). Re @MK3Brent's...
  10. virtualsolitude

    Pleasing the masses

    Good post here. As a guest coach at various orgs, I agree with this post esp these two comments you made: Yet still we try to coach them, sometimes week in and week out. I use a 400 at the smaller tracks for intermediates and, for beginners, the 400 is more than enough bike to show when...
  11. virtualsolitude

    Anyone find my missing rear bike stand at Summit Main (9/8)?

    Today was an N2 track day (ahead of WERA's weekend of racing). The bike stand was a very-small, black, rear bike stand designed for my Ohvale. Just got home and noticed I didn't have it. I was parked next to a young lady who rides/works for N2 (long blond hair in twisted pig tails). And, parked...
  12. virtualsolitude

    PittRace track day and North America Talent Cup on same day?

    Thanks @Menotomy. A TC competitor mentioned they had two 30-minute sessions on Friday so your reply adds more clarity on that.
  13. virtualsolitude

    PittRace track day and North America Talent Cup on same day?

    I just noticed that the schedule is not on the wera site for PittRace, 8/12-8/14. Any idea of when that should occur?
  14. virtualsolitude

    PittRace track day and North America Talent Cup on same day?

    I noticed the North American Talent Cup event is on the same date as the N2 track dates for PittRace (8/12-8/14). So, what's the schedule for those days? Are both events held on the same course?
  15. virtualsolitude

    NJ July 4 What time can we go to the paddock ?

    Glad to see an active post about tomorrow's track day (July 4th). I came here to see if it is still on? @05yellow600 : I suspect that is likely the case. To get in earlier, you'd likely have to pay the CCS gate fee to get in earlier.
  16. virtualsolitude

    Looking for an Ohvale GP-2 for sale

    The GP-2s just came out and are, no doubt, in demand. What's the ETA for ordering a new one from Brandon Cretu at I doubt anyone will have a used one for sale.
  17. virtualsolitude

    WTB track r6 or Gsxr

    There's a couple places you can check for track bikes but they mostly overlap unless you're in FL, CA or OH. I have a track bike for sale, in MD --