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  1. TimTheAsian

    N2 Merchandise Site Is Live

    Woah woah woah, it took years for this to happen. Now you want stickers?! :)
  2. TimTheAsian

    Intro Class?

    That is a manual process. Email and specifically request intro group. However that day is full for intro and the only way you'd be able to sign up is as a full novice via your online portal.
  3. TimTheAsian

    2018 Kawasaki ZX-10R

    Craig has put in a ton of R&D time to get this thing set up. Buy with confidence.
  4. TimTheAsian

    Top Speeds at Road Atlanta (600cc SuperSport)

    Even if you do a gearing calculator you're only calculating theoretical top speed. You aren't accounting for pushing against the air and weight.
  5. TimTheAsian

    Top Speeds at Road Atlanta (600cc SuperSport)

    lol 600rr and missile shouldn't be in the same sentence. Something in me doubts you're seeing a real gps 168mph.
  6. TimTheAsian

    Question about signing up.

    Welcome! Shoot an email to with your complete track riding history including orgs ridden with, what group, tracks ridden, lap times, how often you ride the track a year, etc. Any pertinent information that we can use to evaluate your skill without having to see you ride on...
  7. TimTheAsian

    Snooks racing Daytona 200

    Blake Davis, Gary Yancoskie, Mesa, and Eddie Kaye are also running the 200 that are coaches/ affiliated with N2/YCRS. Good luck to everyone!
  8. TimTheAsian

    Novice to Intermediate Question

    We don't run our novice group like Mid-Ohio. Mid-Ohio is basically lead-follow all day. We do not do that outside of the first 2 laps of the first 2 sessions to let people get acclimated to the corner workers stations and the track. You are then free to run your pace within the group rules.
  9. TimTheAsian

    Mid Ohio N2 2024

    I don't make the rules there, or anywhere. I'd imagine they will eventually put a control in place with the inevitable influx of riders heading there this year.
  10. TimTheAsian

    Mid Ohio N2 2024

    They do things a little differently but Mark runs a good ship. Like novice is lead follow the majority of the day last time I heard. But they also last time I heard let you pick whatever group without checking.....
  11. TimTheAsian

    Registration for track bike in NC?

    I've never had to return a plate ever car or bike. Never once got questioned by the dmv or insurance. First I've heard of this. Just call your insurance company and remove the coverage. And what is this property tax you speak of?
  12. TimTheAsian

    Mid Ohio N2 2024

    If I remember correctly Mid-Ohio runs their own school/org and has for a while.
  13. TimTheAsian

    PittRace "Red Flags" and the kink, questions?

    Here is the chicane at race pace:
  14. TimTheAsian

    PittRace "Red Flags" and the kink, questions?

    I don't think it was a moment thing, it was just a bad decision. Why that decision was made is the question. Does the guy know or not know the track? If he does know the track he would know that people drift back to track left to open the radius for the high speed kink. With that 1k he should've...
  15. TimTheAsian

    PittRace "Red Flags" and the kink, questions?

    This was just a dumb pass attempt on the wrong side.
  16. TimTheAsian

    PittRace "Red Flags" and the kink, questions?

    ^ What you don't see in that video is that chicane comes up out of nowhere, even when you're expecting it. At a track day, imagine the amount of people hitting the curbing and going down and blowing the chicane entirely and rejoining with "x" amount more mph than the people that took it properly.
  17. TimTheAsian

    For sale Novice Road Atlanta July 1-2

    Dang man that's the air fence fundraiser weekend. Should be a good time. Pot-luck, bidding on stuff.
  18. TimTheAsian

    Air Fence and N2 Saved My Life on Sunday (PittRace)

    That was one of the more wild stories of the weekend. Glad you are ok.
  19. TimTheAsian

    Dunlop vendor Pittrace 6/18