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  1. mpusch

    mpusch Micah

    Idk, I'm from the Northeast and I'm pretty happy with how it's looking so far. Maybe a bit light on NJMP. But I'm SUPER excited for PIRC Full.

    Like others have said too, hopefully a few more dates will get thrown in :D
  2. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex's Dad

    I counted ~50 days listed so far....that's pretty darned good.

    Considering Roger Lyle's strangle hold on Summit Main...N2 getting more Main dates is pretty awesome.

    Last year the N2 train left the station....looks like it's picking up momentum in 15.

    There will be LOTS of track time this Summer..and LOTS of fun to be had.
  3. Slow Steve

    Slow Steve I hate pushups. Control Rider

    I'm too excited to sleep! Going to get to try some new tracks!
  4. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Yeah, loving the number of Summit Main dates!!

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  5. damiankelly

    damiankelly Member

    WOW December of 2014--- Year went fast--I hope everyone is doing well after the season......Everyone have great year end and Holiday.
    2015 will be a great year.
  6. noupf

    noupf Member

    Ok, let me re-phrase it. Not enough njmp dates
  7. noupf

    noupf Member

    i hate you maryland / dc people.....
  8. motorkas

    motorkas Member

    I know what you mean brother - even PIRC is now a new track with the "Full" configuration. . .Got to say - killer schedule so far - really looking forward to the season!!!!!!!:)
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  9. motorkas

    motorkas Member

    Spend a morning or night in rush hour traffic combined with the constant question of "so what exactly am I getting "more" of to justify this cost of living". . .and you'll hate us a lot less. . .;); However, not going to lie - seeing this schedule is the first time I've actually loved living in this area:D.
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  10. Slow Steve

    Slow Steve I hate pushups. Control Rider

    Gmaps has Dominion 2hr11min from my house. That's closer then njmp & summit. Except the DC to Fredericksburg section of 95 SUCKS!
  11. motorkas

    motorkas Member

    Yep - it's 80 miles from my house - that puts me in the epi center for this season: MAIN is 50 miles from my house, NJMP is 50 miles from my brother's house (150 miles from mine) Dominion is 80 miles from my house, NCBIKE is 200 miles and PIRC and VIR are 250 miles. . .really, this is the only time I don't mind living in the peoples republic of Maryland. . .

    On to better things though - first Dominion date is in June. . .if you're shoulder's healed and your head's right - case of beer (or bottle of liquor) to who get's the fastest lap time for the weekend for the first time out at new track for both of us. . .(I need a "spanking" emoticon right about now. . .:).

    You're right - Friday night on 95 south is going to suck in the summer (that's one where I would seriously consider either taking off Friday and leaving mid - morning or waiting until past 9:00pm because it can easily double to 4 plus hours on the wrong Friday) but for me - Saturday morning at 6:00am put's me in at 7:15am. . .did I say how much I love this schedule. . .:D.
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  12. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider

    80 miles? Dominion is only 30 miles from my driveway. :D
  13. Dave561

    Dave561 Control Rider Director

    Can I play too :D
  14. Slow Steve

    Slow Steve I hate pushups. Control Rider

    He said fastest, not slowest
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  15. Dave561

    Dave561 Control Rider Director

    Just remember you're only in front as I lap you.
  16. motorkas

    motorkas Member

    I'm guessing you're REALLY hoping they add it to the racing schedule. . .:D

    Considering the only engine you got right now is 650cc and that straight looks nice and long. . .ABSOLUTELY. . .:)

    Nicely done. . .still isn't remotely going to stop me from. . .(shit - need that spanking emoticon again:D)
  17. noupf

    noupf Member

    most would agrees with this statement, but i'm from long island NY......i deal with same shit. Terrible traffic, insanely high cost of living and taxes that are the highest in the nation. At least you have multiple tracks within a 3 hour radius. We got crap!!

    So, i say it again.............i hate you maryland / dc people........well, ok, i mainly hate slowsteve........ and its more of a strong dislike for the maryland / dc people, Carry on :)
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  18. Slow Steve

    Slow Steve I hate pushups. Control Rider

    That's ok Lee. I still have Pete.
  19. borislav

    borislav Control Rider

    Kas be careful now because Dave Sanders is an Yoshimura employee and that 650 motor is probably putting out 160 hp!!!Only thing that can work for you is the weight that poor motor has to haul around the tack!:)
  20. noupf

    noupf Member

    due to you location and vicinity to so many tracks, peter now dislikes you too.

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