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  1. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    It's time to get ready for the 2017 season and the sale is on! This week, our membership plans and season packages go on sale. Now through December 5th, Basic, Elite, and Military memberships are discounted 20%!

    Sign up now @ https://my.n2td.org

    Basic membership is very cost effective and essentially pays for itself in 2 or more track days with the discounts you'll receive.

    Elite membership offers additional discounts -and- extremely flexible full-credit cancellations right up to the morning of the event. Don't like riding in the rain? Car having trouble? Or maybe you just don't like the way your hair looks one morning... go ahead and cancel up to 8a the morning of the event and receive full credit. It's like an insurance policy with many discounts + benefits. This is our most popular membership.

    Military membership is FREE to all active duty men and women serving in our military. Receive an additional $15 off each track day and a special price for Elite memberships, too.

    Military members should contact support@n2td.org for activation.

    2017 season packages:

    For those of you that like to plan your season early, take advantage of the 2017 packages we now offer and save BIG. 2016 season/package holders will receive an additional 10% off current pricing as part of our N2 loyalty program. Just our way of saying thanks!

    [Please note, promotional pricing has ended as of December 5th 2016]

    Season Pass

    18-Day Pass**

    12-Day Pass**

    6-Day Pass

    **Elite Membership included with package.

    Please note that season passes/packages do not apply to "special events" (events/clinics with partners such as Yamaha Champion Riding School, ATP, etc.). However, package holders will receive additional discounts on these special events, please contact us for further details.

    To purchase a package contact (855) 263-0200 or e-mail us at: support@n2td.org

    Season Packages are offered for a limited time only and are good for the 2017 season. Season Packages and Memberships are non-transferrable. Track day packages do not include membership unless noted above. Days completed under a package do not apply towards a free Elite membership for the following year.
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  2. Menotomy

    Menotomy World's Okayest Rider

    Credit card info inbound...
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  3. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    Email sent....Schedule looks great this year!
  4. mdhokie

    mdhokie New Member

    I just got my basic membership in August. If I get the discounted membership now, does it tack on another year making it good to August 2018, or will it only get me an extra half-year good through Dec 2017? Discount doesn't pay off if it's only a calendar year from purchase.
  5. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    It stacks another 12 months, but we can overlap per your preference (some upgrade over their Basic to Elite, for example).
  6. ar556

    ar556 New Member

    For the packages, do you have to pick the days when you purchase or can you individually schedule them later? Are they movable (with elite membership)?

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  7. gcally

    gcally Greg Callahan #11

    Thanks for the good deal. I just renewed my Elite membership.

    I love the 8AM full refund option. With living 15min from Pitt Race it is awesome to wake up and check the weather before I head off to the track day.
    I did my fair share of racing in the rain over the years and have no desire to do a track day in the rain.
  8. fowlplayracing

    fowlplayracing Steve Control Rider

    You do not have to pick the days at the time you purchase your package.
  9. fowlplayracing

    fowlplayracing Steve Control Rider

    Should have added how it works for clarification.
    At time of purchase you are given a code. Then every time you sign up for a day you provide that code instead of your credit card info. The process is the same, it's just that your paying in advance.
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  10. tdelegram

    tdelegram Well-Known Member

    Can the passed be used towards Endurance Race Entry Fees?
  11. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Special events such as racing, race schools, ATP/YCRS are not covered by the packages. But note, Elite members do get a discount on ATP as they do with track days. YCRS also provides a discount to N2 members.
  12. vinny337

    vinny337 Vin is in...Beastmode! Control Rider

    The Elite Membership pays for itself, some great things going on here!
  13. tdelegram

    tdelegram Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rob just trying to add up all the days and subtract out the one that will make my wife leave me off set by the packages available.
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  14. rlong.us

    rlong.us Ron Long

    Awesome deal, glad I was able to purchase one this year!

    Thanks for all you guys do, always fun.
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  15. Jester

    Jester Yamahawkins Control Rider

    Got my 12 day from you guys for the third year. I seem to use more than that throughout the year but its a good start!
  16. vinny337

    vinny337 Vin is in...Beastmode! Control Rider

  17. Emerson

    Emerson BobbleHeadMoto Control Rider ATP/3C

    Sounds like you need to buy a bigger package.
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  18. Dave561

    Dave561 Control Rider

    Ummm..... nope too easy
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  19. Jester

    Jester Yamahawkins Control Rider

    I tried to find a funny meme to post related to bigger packages.

    Big mistake.
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  20. Dave561

    Dave561 Control Rider

    Hahaaaa, I don't even want to imagine

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