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Discussion in 'Archived Mid-West Members Forum' started by Gman97, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Gman97

    Gman97 New Member

    Looking for member feedback. Please give ideas for improvement. Thanks
  2. betarace

    betarace Member

    #1 thing

    add Mid-Ohio to the sched. everything else is perfect
  3. nickmick

    nickmick New Member

    more dates. :)

    other than that, everything has exceeded my expectations.
  4. oldschool

    oldschool New Member

    I think NESBA should invest more into marketing. Right now NESBA is mostly word of mouth. That's how I found out about it. I was in a bar and somebody told me about it. I think that if more advertizing were done, more people would come out to try it.
  5. gixxerkitten

    gixxerkitten New Member

    +1 also I think that if more people come that the prices might go down.
  6. nickmick

    nickmick New Member

    that is a very, very good idea.

    when i had my 1st bike, about 4 years ago, me and my buddies would sit around and say "wouldn't it be cool to ride on an actual track?"

    then my buddy got a new job, and his boss does some CR-ing and racing, so he found out about trackday orgs. so i bought this bike and signed up.

    ZLTFUL New Member

    More Road America dates...but then I am biased as this has long been one of my favorite tracks.

    Maybe adverts in the mainstream was said above, I only heard of NESBA through word of mouth...
  8. stephenjpauls

    stephenjpauls New Member


    Thanks so much for asking this. I have to say that there are very few things I can think of to improve the NESBA experience. The members, mid west support staff (Turn One, Matt G), CRs and Directors all make a Track Day with NESBA the best experience around. As an existing member the only thing I think would be an improvement in the Mid West Region would be to have the track dates spread out a bit more. I’m struggling to figure out what I’m going to do for my “fix” in the 6 week period with no events. I compare that with 3 events in 9 days where I could only pick one event because of time and money. I think it would be an improvement if NESBA could have spread these events out over time so there weren’t such big gaps in the schedule.

    For new members, I think that a better way to get a hold of someone “in the know” could help. Though I have not had any issues with this, I have had read a number of posts on this issue. If there were a way to hire a full time “Customer Support” person for a few bucks an hour, I think that a quick response to questions might help attract members looking for a new Track Day organization.

    Please understand that I don’t have ANY issues with NESBA and currently have no desire to ride with anyone else. I’m just pointing out some things that I think could help bring more to the group.
  9. gkotlin

    gkotlin New Member

    If your happy with the way things are, we're happy as well. But dream big! This is a think tank. So lets hear your thoughts. What would make a good time even better?
  10. PETERS

    PETERS New Member

    Track Walks at every track. We did this during the skills enhancement weekend @ Putnam and I thought it was great. I've ridden there around 5-6 times before that and there were things I never noticed until we actually walked the track. It helped me identify new lines to try as well as entry/exit points of the corners - great exercise IMO.
  11. ronhix

    ronhix New Member

    That was during the SED day, and speaking of those SED days I'd like to see more of those in the MW amd MC regions if possible. The members really seemed to enjoy them and they were fun for us CR's too.
  12. ctrank

    ctrank Member


    BLARNEY Member

    I have obviously been having an off year..... but concur that if events
    were every other weekend it would be ideal.... back to back events are tough.

    Now if all the track owners just saw it "our" way. :)

  14. Sandman8

    Sandman8 New Member

    OK, so I'll throw out something that might be a bit "out there", but lets see . . .

    As a Beginner myself, and discussing with other cycling friends (not currently riding tracks) it seems a bit daunting the first time you actually commit to taking your pride and joy and throw caution to the wind to take it out on a race track (remember, this is the mind set prior to the first track day).
    So what about a track bike owned by NESBA to allow potential track goers an alternative to taping up their mirrors and lights and bringing their street bike to the track?
    This may also help in getting current members to some of the tracks that are further away as well. I personally would be more inclined to road trip to some of the more distant tracks if I didn't have to worry about setting up and transporting the bike.
    But that is mainly because I don't have my own trailer yet and have been renting one for track days. (Hopefully soon to be remedied !)

    Basically - a NESBA rental track bike.

    Now I would guess that once you did more than a few track days, you're going to prefer having your own bike -- I know I would. But this might be enough to get new people out on the track without the fear of crashing their own bike?
    And I'm sure there are ALL kinds of liability and maintenance issues that would have to be worked out :rtfm: . . . but hey, you were looking for ideas right?

    And given the situation with the Yamaha demo bikes at RA last week, I don't know . . . .:dunno:
    Oh, and I agree with more advertising as well. I too heard about NESBA through the grapevine.
  15. beac83

    beac83 Member

    Some crumbs for thought:

    I think that once people come to a NESBA event, they find it to be great. However, it seems the other orgs get better PR and word-of-mouth promotion on the various sportbike boards, etc.

    NESBA's style seems to encourage individual learning and improvement over "group" activities. While those of us with some track experience find this method fine (and preferred), to a new person on his/her first track day, this seems a bit like being "thrown to the wolves". For a first timer, going up to a CR after the first session is intimidating. After all, "I'm a lost noob, and don't even know what to say."

    We fall into the routine of riding/pitting/hanging with our friends, and to an outsider this can look like a closed club.

    Our individualistic bent seems to also make us as members a bit less outgoing in the promotion of NESBA to those who haven't experienced the track. Some additional marketing would likely help. The Point-of-Sale pieces at Yamaha dealers are great - that's how I found NESBA - but are not always conspicuous.

    The goal is to get new folks to the track w/NESBA. Once they come, we pretty much hook them.

    So in list form:

    1. Better organized promotion of the org to outsiders (advertising, articles, members talking up NESBA)
    2. Members making every effort to welcome new riders in the paddock. Go over and say hi, introduce yourself, and check in after the first session or two.
    3. Members and staff promoting NESBA events (before and after-the ride reports) on their preferred Sportbike boards

    And perhaps for next year we can look at the budget and see if there is some way to make the first ever full track day a bit cheaper. I truly feel that price is an issue. If we could say "buy your first track day and take $50 off your membership when purchased at the same time" or something, that would ease the sticker shock of coming to your first full track day.

    EDIT: The point of the above paragraph is that the First Track Day (total price - membership+day fee+whatever else it costs to get there/back) is a $ barrier. Once hooked/convinced, the value is obvious. So I was suggesting a One-Time, First Ever Track Day discount of some sort. The Intro offer is good for getting guys hooked, but I have run into resistance for making all the effort to come out for only 40 min on the track. - An uneducated opinion, sure, but that's their perception, which makes it their reality. And we need to keep attracting new members who participate in trackdays to keep things going.

    One structural issue might warrant a look as well. For a total noob, the track is scary. The Beginner meeting is great, but doesn't really help quell the butterflies. Maybe the first sessions of the day should be split into 4/hr for the first hour or two, with 1st timers in a separate group from the rest of the Beginners, with a quick (~10 min) recap afterward. Or perhaps just segregate them to the back of B for the first session, with a recap. I don't think anyone would want to see these go all day, but for a first timer, to be able to have a place to ask questions after the first session would likely be popular.
  16. jkrueger

    jkrueger New Member

    Gman I know you have little if any control over the schedule but the rumor mill has been saying that we might be hitting up BIR the day after putnam. That makes things tough.

    so here are my fantasy suggestions

    1) if we could get time at BIR on a weekend, or even if we have like a sunday monday that would be great, i know this is hard to do because of attendance problems last year
    2) weekend dates at RA, i know its not going to happen, that place is always booked with clubs that have far deeper bank accounts than we do
    3) track selection, i like hitting new tracks, and would love to get to grattan, or mid ohio (if that would be in the midwest jusistiction) but i know attendance issues and "politics" are a problem with these tracks

    the only thing i really had any kind of gripe about this year (and its not much) is the yamaha demo day, i didnt get to ride any nice new bikes because of the issues we had with some over-eager beavers out there. Not nesbas fault at all.

    and some positive feedback, its good to see you riding more this year :cheers:
  17. jkrueger

    jkrueger New Member

  18. beac83

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  19. RandyO

    RandyO New Member

    Being a new guy here, I do not have a lot but a couple things I have seen..

    Membership dues..

    a number of my regular riding friends simply can not justify the membership dues to run 1 or 2 track days... I have a number of guys that want to ride, but if they only run 1 or 2 track days, the dues are pretty tough to swallow..

    Perhaps I am missing something here but why are the dues so high with NESBA?

    New rider orientation seems pretty good and through to me... I felt like I knew where I was and what I was supposed to be doing so no gripe there..
  20. jimmeigs

    jimmeigs New Member

    1. More structured beginner group. Assign the same CR to 5 or 6 riders based on their relative skill level, adjust as necessary during the day. More classroom lessons between each session. Veteran beginner group members can choose to attend or not, but new people must attend each session.

    2. Furnish free loaner leathers to intro riders. Structure intro sessions throughout the day if numbers become a problem. You have to get riders as they are starting in order to keep them.

    3. Assign CR mentors to beginner and intermediate riders rather than have us just depend on the luck of the draw on who knows what about our skill level and history.

    4. Have regular evaluations of all beginner and intermediate riders to set goals, identify weakness and strengths and have a clear understanding of what it takes to move to the next level.

    5. Have regular "tech days" like the one brother Wink hosts each year, but sponsered by NESBA.

    I'll think of some more stuff after I get back this evening......

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