Second Track Day, First with N2


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Hey Everyone,

Signed up for the Sept. 5th at Nelsons Ledges. Did a day earlier this year with LEAN and looking forward to a day with the N2 group and eventually getting over to PITT.

Question on the Rider numbers. I have a 2017 CBR1000RR with the stock plastic still. How strict is the 6" number requirement?


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Welcome! The 6" isn't super strict, we're not going to use a ruler, lol. It has to be visible to the cornerworkers so if there is an issue (leaking, etc) they can call it in and get the rider flagged. So, big enough to be easily seen, and with a sufficient contrast to the background. Hope that helps.


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Welcome. We will be more than happy to help out with the numbers at Tech Inspection. We do it all the time. Not all clubs require the number but we try to help the Corner Worker Staff identify bikes out on track. "Blue Bike, Black Leathers" could identify half a dozen bikes out

I have not been at a LEAN event but my guess is that we will have mostly the same rules with slight adjustments here and there. If you have any questions after the riders meeting feel free to ask any of the staff to clarify.

I'm sure once you get to your first PittRace event you'll see why it is so popular. PittRace seems to sell out weeks in advance especially in the Intermediate and Advanced Groups. I haven't been to Nelson since 2010 so I'm looking forward to seeing how the improvements look.

See you at Nelson.


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Thanks for the replies. I'll bring some extra numbers with me for Tech Inspection.

I hope to get to the October 10th PittRace event.


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Please be mindful the possibility for Deer is a reality. Coming out of the carousel.. Turn 5 ? Before the start of the back stretch. Exiting turn 5 grabbing a gear for the back stretch, to the right.. hopped over the tires and 2 paw movements later into the infield, I noticed a 6-8 point buck. hmm. Glad he decided to let me pass..

At the end of that back straight on the inside of the turn there is a repatch. Roughly 4 to 6 foot wide by three or so foot long. Be mindful of that as well.

Really fun place.