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If you need the spot still I am not gonna make it. I have a garage to go with it too. Let me know
Hey Huey, This is John Hart from the old "Faith on Wheels" team, Philip's dad. Is there a way I can send you a private message on this bbs?
Hello! I'm new here and looking to see if anyone out there has some leathers, gloves, boots that are for sale.
Hey if you log back in soon - Interested in your R1M . Sent you some questions in your inbox - you can call or text 828-329-9428; name is Garrison

May have a buyer for the bike finally, so couls be doing the bodywork soon. Still interested?
Text me: 757-470-4847
Hey Man! thanks for reaching back out. With my current plans I don't think it would make sense for me to get it anymore.

Going to race my sv this year and most likely sell it and get back on a 600 in 2021.