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Anyone interested in taking my A-group slot at NCBike 7/25-26?


New Member
I just got my CCS/ASRA license in the mail and I'm trying to make it up to NJMP that weekend for my first race. If I can't find anyone to take my slot, I'll just come to NCBike that weekend and do my first race in August.


Control Rider
Elite! Elite! Elite!

I'm no salesman but this is exactly why Elite is a great investment. Plans change last minute.....no problem. Weather goes to shit.....no problem.


New Member
Hey John,
Thanks for reaching out to me earlier. Looks like I'm going to be at NCBike this weekend anyway, and racing will have to wait until August. I wasn't going to be ready with my bike or admin stuff in time anyway so I'm glad I didn't sell my spot.