CMP info dump 29/30Aug2020


Race Director
Hi folks, Huey here!
Weather looks great for this weekend! Want to blast all the information out I have.

There's a lot of great info on their website but the most important one for us is:
Of all the tracks we've been going to lately, CMP seems to have been the most monitored by local and state governments.
Please help us help them stay open and off anyone's radar!

Also because of the Covid this is a NO SPECTATOR EVENT. Crew only. If someone is coming to help you in the pit: they're crew.
They're wise to calling your whole club "crew" just to get in and watch you go roundy-round. So they're asking crew to be limited to 5 people per rider. Direct family members excluded of course for y'all that have that Brady Bunch going on. Hahahaha

You should have received an electronic waiver from N2 that you'll need to sign. With that you'll just need your bike, gear and an ID to tech and we'll get you checked in with no contact!

As of now, for anyone dragging their feet or wanting to bring riding buddies:
Saturday: Novice is full, Intermediate is 75%, and Advance is has a lot of room.
Sunday: Novice has a few slots left, Intermediate is 1/2 full, and Advance has plenty of room.
Please refer to the website before the event to get them signed up.

Camping, RV, garage reservation is on their website and it's AWESOME!
Few notes: When you sign up, just sign up for Saturday and Sunday. Not Friday. They'll hold that spot for you Friday and power will be on but they're not going to charge you a full day for just the day you pull up and hook up.

The snack bar will be open for breakfast and lunch!

Quiet hours are after 10 PM and then 11 to Noon on Sunday.

We're getting reports that the new pavement is amazing! Butter smooth with great grip. But as you know with lots of grip comes lots of wear. Podium / Greg Elstadt with Pirelli is aware and bring a lot of tires.

Triple T suspensions will be there for seals and setups.

Pit Lane Moto will be there with gear and spares.

And always our photographer will be Raul Jerez with Highside Photo.

See y'all at the rider's meeting!


Race Director
We'll have the normal paper waivers at registration for those that we see havent "signed" the electronic version.
We're just trying to limit contact.


New Member
Huey, I wanted to say thank you for all the help you and the others gave me after my Sun afternoon turn 1 fall. I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have the team help me get loaded. unfortunately, the fall resulted in a break to my scapula (glenoid process, the “socket” part), and I will need to have surgery this week. It was just a bad way to fall, I guess. Overall, it was probably my best day riding that I’ve ever had, and really felt like I was “getting” the track. I had a blast and can’t say enough good things about the whole N2 team and my experience with you guys.


Control Rider
Sorry to hear about your fall and subsequent injury.

Tell us a little about the gear that you had on. We love to know what works and what doesn't.