Has Anyone Tried the Dunlop Q4 Yet?

Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by Kurt, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Control Rider

    I'm considering going from the Q3+ to the Q4. I'd use them for street and track, I don't use heaters, and I ride in A group.
    How's the grip, and how many track days do you get from a set?
  2. moman

    moman Member

    I ran a set for the first time last month during a 3 day open track event at Calabogie. Grip was awesome, warmed quickly without heaters and I got 2 and a half days out of the rear which was a little over 400 miles. Put on my Q3+ to finish out the day the front Q4 is still looking good after 520 miles. This track surface is a bit abrasive so would expect even better longevity at some other tacks. If there is any chance of rain or even damp conditions I'd stay with the Q3+ as the Q4 have no edge siping as you've probably noticed in photos.
  3. Kurt

    Kurt Control Rider

    What a fantastic answer, Moman. Thanks. It's interesting that you also mix the Q3+ rear with the Q4 front, and had a good experience with that. I get the best prices from Honda Direct (unadvertised prices). They can't get the Q4 for some reason, so I'll be looking for another discount house for the Q4. Do you get any good deals anywhere? I think Revzilla might be my first choice, unless I learn of somewhere better.
  4. moman

    moman Member

    Never dealt with Honda direct so I don't know what they sell them for but all the usual vendors I use on the internet price them the same. Usually I get my tires through STG because they offer a larger cash back reward.
    I probably won't purchase another set of the Q4 unless Dunlop starts offering a rebate on them which I'm not expecting. With the cheaper price of the Q3+ to start with and rebate usually being offered they fit my budget better.
  5. Kurt

    Kurt Control Rider

    I hear THAT loud and clear!
    If you contact your supplier directly (STG, or whoever), they might be able to offer you a better price. The manufacturer will only allow their distributors to advertise at a certain, given price. But distributors (the better ones anyway) can wheel & deal under the radar if you call or email them directly.
  6. MrFrzz

    MrFrzz slow and wide

    Hey there brother!

    Just to chime in - the only caveat to wheeling and dealing with the "big boys" is that they may be quick to "price match" another distributor, but as soon as they do, they flag the order so you will not receive the rewards bucks on price matched items (Revzilla at least) the STG Cash back rewards are better, and STG DOES have more of a personal touch to an extent. I had exchanged a few emails with the owner and then when I had an issue with a jacket I received, I emailed him directly and never got a response. so take that with a grain of salt.

    STG does have a better parts selection in my opinion...

    You just have to see which will get you the bigger discount or something you can take advantage of elsewhere - price matching or rewards kickbacks.

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