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NC Bike July 25-26

What direction do you want to run NC Bike July 25-26

  • CW

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • CCW

    Votes: 14 42.4%
  • CW Day 1 / CCW Day 2

    Votes: 14 42.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Control Rider
The chicane will not be in play for this event so lets get a poll going for what direction people want to run NC Bike


Control Rider
Awesome! No chicane! :)

I vote for one way each day to make it worth the drive. It is a training track after all...


Since I am only going to be there Saturday can we run Clockwise on Saturday as I prefer that direction?


Control Rider
All, it is going to be 90-100F nearly all weekend. Be sure to start hydrating if you haven't already.

Think about what you want to work on each session. A few suggestions:
  • Loose on the bars. Make a point to check your contact points for level of pressure and squeezing or hanging on the bars. you can go home without calluses and muscle pain.
  • Looking through the turns to the next point. NC Bike is excellent for this due to the relatively flat terrain and frequent direction changes. Go slow to get it right, then pick up speed...not the opposite.
  • Good decision making. This is harder as it gets hot. Our brains slow down. If you have to ask if a move is a good idea...wait until a safer opportunity.
  • Upper body position. If you can see the gauges and windscreen in front of your visor when you're in a turn...you're not getting your upper body off in the turn.
  • Look far enough ahead, not down at the track surface.
  • Stay 2'-3' off of the tire track of the person in front of you. A lot can happen at a track day (power problem, broken chain, tired riders, etc.). There's not need to risk going straight into another rider. (My friend just got 15 screws in his collarbone after being involved in a track day incident. He was one of 7 involved in an unavoidable mechanical problem, but if folks were slightly off line, most would have continued on, not on the ground.)
  • Pick one skill to work on at a time, or one area of the track at a time. Get it into your automatic/muscle memory then move onto the next.
  • Did I mention hydrate?
We're going to have a blast!


New Member
Hi all,

i noticed there won’t be a suspension vendor for this Saturday. Anyone that could help me set it up?

i picked up a clapped out 2007 650 that has ohlins shock and have no idea how to work it. Any help/advice would be helpful!


Alex's Ohvale Mechanic
Early hydration is just one part. Mineral replacement is essential as well.

A light mix of pedialite with the water will help fight cramps and fatigue in the heat.


New Member
hi all,
I will be there tomorrow (saturday) and am an advanced certified personal trainer, specializing in endurance and bodyweight / range of motion exercises.
I and my husband will be running our Daytona 675, so if you have any exercise or track day physicality training questions, come over and chat with me! number 23 will be on the track in Int., but available other sessions.

Also, DO NOT eat a lot of carbs before or early in your track day! When you are hot, eat cold foods, a bit of fresh fruit with cheese or just a lot of chicken / tuna / seafood salad / egg salad which is easy to digest and fuels your body well. UNLESS you are diabetic or hypoglycemic / pre diabetic, Then I can't help you there on fueling other than what your doctor tells you to do.

I recommend Vitamin Water! Stay away from Gatorade or Powerade or anything with Benzoate, Polyethylene Glycol (in ice cream and some sodas), or "orange flavorings", as well as caffeine. The neurotoxins in them are very bad and cause electrolyte loss as well as hormone damage.

There are some good electrolyte additives out there, but if you are not familiar with them, or never tried them before, don't do it for the first time on a track day. Do that at home to see how you will react. Stick to pedialyte or just some very watered down salt water. Mineral waters should be your go to: perriere, or fiji, etc. ... You're worth it!

Cool pack to the back of your neck as soon as you come off track! Cheers!


Control Rider
Well...that didn't suck. Two days of chicane free CCW NC Bike. Woot! 375 miles of double duty coaching. I had a blast with you guys! What did you think of CCW? The new pit in/out? The ridiculous temps? Back to drinking water and eating salt...


Control Rider
A few folks have hit me up about feedback on their riding this weekend. I couldn't find a map with corners labeled for CCW, so I made one. Not sure if the numbering is right, but we can use it for now.

The consistent things I saw across a wide variety of riders are the following (in order of corners):
  • Wide exit to turn one missing late apex by ~10'. This could be caused by wide but early turn in, or early tight turn in and inability to hold the radius. This causes problems with turns 2-5, so getting turn 1 right is important.
  • Early turn in for turn 2, causing problems hitting apexes for turns 3-5.
  • I saw most people having a real problem with turn 4. Turning in very early, and exiting very tight, making the turn much tighter than it is. Aside from the straight, this appears to be the fastest section of the track. Losing time here loses a lot of time. There's plenty of time/space to (chose one you like) brake, downshift, and get to the right of the track for turn 5.
  • Like turn 4, turn 5 is also pretty fast with plenty of time to brake for turn 6. Use the whole track on entry and exit.
  • No feedback on turns 6-8, as there seemed to be many lines dependent on bike/skill level. (What do you guys think? What worked and didn't work for you?)
  • For me, turns 9 and 10 were mid track entry with late apex to get the line out right. Turn 10 sets you up for 11 which sets you up for high speed onto the straight.
  • Just getting to the apex for 1 and staying tight gets you aimed down the straight, carrying the exit to 11 to the right of the track (watching out for folks with their hand up!) gets you mooooovin' for that straight.
I hope that some of this (is right) and helps!

NC Bike CCW no chicane.jpg


New Member
Great feedback!! I took some video and can see what you are talking about in the video as I review it. Thanks for taking the time to punch this out.