Discussion in 'Track Days' started by Beresh21, May 20, 2020.

  1. Beresh21

    Beresh21 Member

    Really looking forward to getting back out on the track! Will there be a tire vendor / service available on Monday? Are fire pits allowed? Will we be running clockwise or CCW? Thanks!
  2. jcurtis

    jcurtis Control Rider N2

    Yes, Trackside Tire will be there.
    Fire pits are allowed.
    Running CCW.
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  3. Beresh21

    Beresh21 Member

    Thank you!
  4. OleMan 2

    OleMan 2 New Member

    Signed up in beginner group (I used to ride years ago, been away for awhile, going to start fresh). Can anyone give restriction details about if we can bring someone to help, (for instance, my wife, in the event of...God forbid) and what other restrictions we need to adhere to ?.......such as pre-notifying who will accompany, if anyone allowed, do we need face masks, etc..?
  5. jcurtis

    jcurtis Control Rider N2

    We will be sending this out to registered riders shortly.
  6. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    How was it? CCW w/out chicane?
  7. Backmarker

    Backmarker Control Rider

    Yea CCW. The day was awesome. People were great. Everyone did what it took to be safe. And we were. Almost as if it were a "normal" day. :)
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  8. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB GeorgeB Control Rider

    I've done CCW a few times (all without the new section) and I like it better then CW.
  9. Beresh21

    Beresh21 Member

    I had a blast. Would've been great if we could've camped out Monday night as well but no big deal. This was the first time I ran CCW there and think I honestly prefer it over CW.
  10. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    I've run both ways also. I really like the old turn 1 (slow onto straight and slow into turn 1) but always struggle in the old turn 6. I'm still gaining knowledge/speed going CCW and like it w/out the chicane better. I wrote to Same to see if it could be run all four ways but never heard back. Maybe the powers that be know? It would be helpful to post on each of the days so that riders know what they're signing up for (CW/CCW and w/ or w/out chicane). Stoked for the next one!

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