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NCBIKE July 23&24 Photography

Discussion in 'Event Photography' started by selztoad, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. selztoad

    selztoad Member

    Photos for Advanced and Intermediate are loaded from saturday and Novice is loading now.

    I will have Sunday's sorted and uploaded tonight and ready sometime tomorrow to view.

    Pricing is a flat $40 for one day and $65 for both (all your photos)
    If I have video of you (mostly those who asked during the day) It is $15 for your clips

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me
  2. selztoad

    selztoad Member

    All photos from saturday are loaded and ready :) Sunday is in process!
  3. selztoad

    selztoad Member

    Sunday Advance is up, Intermediate uploading and Novice will be sorted an uploaded in the AM, This guy is beat so I am crashing for the evening!
  4. selztoad

    selztoad Member

    Novice from Sunday is uploading! All other galleries are available
  5. selztoad

    selztoad Member

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