Ohlins TTX Shock for 06-10 GSXR 600/750

Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories' started by ibkevman, Feb 29, 2020.

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    For sale is a rear shock for Suzuki GSXR 600 or 750 years 2006-2010 model number SU 789. It's due for a refresh but is in otherwise excellent condition with no damage/leaks. It's currently sprung for 195# with no gear.

    I had this on my 07 750 that was used for both street and track duty and the ease of adjustability is great and really made a huge difference in how the bike handled. New price on eBay is $1250 and up.

    Price shipped AS IS - $775
    Price shipped if I have it refreshed by certified Ohlins company (assuming no new spring needed) - $950

    I need to create an account with a photo hosting site to post the pics but in the meantime, message me if you want pics and I'll happily email/text them.
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    $600 OBO shipped

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