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Should I upgrade my back protector?

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by Jgelack, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Jgelack

    Jgelack New Member

    Hey guys, I have another gear related question. I'm wondering if I should upgrade my back protector. I have a Forcefield Pro L2K Evo and a Pro Sub4. I feel very protected with these on the street, just not sure how well they'd perform on the track. Do you guys think these would be ok, or should I look at more of a hard protector? Thanks!
  2. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 is one of the best you can get, it's fine for the track. If I had room in my suit, it's the one I'd have bought. But, not enough room, too many cookies. :p
    I believe the Forcefield is CE Level 2.
    I'm actually not a fan of the hard plastic protectors. They don't necessarily provide better protection.
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  3. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Track speed are higher, but there are a LOT less things to hit when you have a get off. :)
  4. LowSparkChris

    LowSparkChris New Member

    I'll be purchasing my first race suit in a couple months in prep for getting on track. While we are on the topic of back protection, is the AlpineStars Nucleon Level 2 work a damn?
  5. TN_Racer

    TN_Racer New Member

    I used the Alpinestars Nucleon KR-3 this year and really liked the fit and couldn't feel it my suit. It has shoulder straps and I was iffy about that before I used it but after I tried it I was sold. It stays put and is easy to get off/on and don't move around. The Nucleon material is very form fitting once it heats up and is really comfortable. I had a lowside this season and slid off on my left side then got knocked on my back in a curve going down at around 80mph and the back protector did it's job; especially when I went across some transitions into asphalt/dirt/clay spinning around like an upside down turtle.
  6. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    I have the A-Stars Nucleon KR-1. Since I couldn't fit the thicker Forcefield under my suit, I got this one. It's another great option. It's CE Level 2, which is the highest available, transmits less force than Level 1. So, yes The Nucleon is definitely worth a damn!
  7. Arioch

    Arioch New Member

    Forcefield Pro L2K Evo works great on the track. It's surprisingly comfortable when crashing. Get the chest protector if you want added protection. If you want to move up from there, I would look at air suits from Dainese or AStars.
  8. Jgelack

    Jgelack New Member

    Yep! That's exactly what I tell people when I talk about going to the track, and they look at me like I'm insane! That it's actually a MUCH safer environment to ride in then on the street.
  9. Jgelack

    Jgelack New Member

    The AStars Nucleon KR-3 is actually the back protector I was considering if you guys recommended more of a hard protector, as it seems like a combination of both hard and soft. But I think I'm just going to stick with my Forcefield protectors since you say they'll be fine for the track. The thing I like about Forcefield is they provide you with the numbers, whereas most other manufacturers don't, at least none that I can find. Without getting too technical, the Pro Sub 4 transmits only 3.38KN of force to the rider, whereas another protector might transmit the maximum of 9KNs. Both protectors are considered CE2 certified protectors, but in this case the Pro Sub4 offers A LOT more protection! Without more manufacturers offering these numbers, it's really hard to compare. Thanks for the advice guys!
  10. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Yup, exactly! It's great you've done that research, because not all "level 2" are created equally! The Pro Sub 4 transmits the least force of any other protector on the market. I forget the numbers, but a friend in the biz said the amount of force transmitted by the KR-1 was less than some, but more than the Pro Sub 4. Since that fit in my suit, I went with it.
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