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Summit Point 8/7-8/8

Discussion in 'Event Photography' started by NProductions, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. NProductions

    NProductions New Member

    Photos are currently being sorted. I'll keep this thread updated and I'll post bump it as soon as they become available for purchase :D

    Here are a few teasers for now!

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  2. Smoke30

    Smoke30 Nick Control Rider

  3. eskimo

    eskimo Slow guy on a fast bike

    Noiseless FTW!
  4. Thunderace

    Thunderace BIG JIM Control Rider

    These are great shots! Except for Kas! I love the fact the foreground and background have blurred motion, but the rider is in perfect focus. I like the angles too. Are you laying on the ground for these shots?
  5. NProductions

    NProductions New Member

    Thanks! I am incapable of shooting a still shot haha, every shot HAS to show action or I'm deleting the photo from my camera. And I've always gotta show love to Kas! He's one of the very first persons to support my work since Day 1 for me haha.

    And nah, not laying down on any of the shots, I will do that occasionally at NCBike though, when I shoot there.
  6. Emerson

    Emerson BobbleHeadMoto Control Rider ATP/3C

    DAMN!!! You even make Erick look fast! haha
  7. NProductions

    NProductions New Member

    LMAO. Brutal, Emerson. Brutal loool.
  8. NProductions

    NProductions New Member



    Photos are available to view and purchase. Make sure to read the information page to know how to order your photos! Depending on how soon you view the gallery, there may be missing photos (Photos are still currently uploading... 10:53PM). If it's already Wednesday then all photos should already have been uploaded.
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