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    Silly question... maybe. About puck sliders!

    I have to hunt down mine every time I go to VIR. That curbing just tears them off!
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    New Member

    Usually ride Road Atlanta, VIR, and CMP.
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    New Member

    Welcome! Brent is a good guy. I'm planning to head down there too, from Charlotte. Think about what you'd like to work on, and make good use of the coaches! We're here to help.
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    First track day complete

    If you get down to CMP, Road Atlanta, or some other southern courses, be sure to come by and say hello. Happy to help any way I any of the coaches.
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    I might be there. Thanks!
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    "I'm here to help, despite my actions" (One of my favorite quotes!) Stoked for the next one.
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    A few raw videos. I had the camera facing the wrong way all day no matter where I mounted it! Feel free to subscribe or commnete here or on YT. (Still, I got the post incident red dirt dust cloud, shooting backward, of the poor gal on the grey Gixxer. She asked me to post it here.) The...
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    A few shots from South. Boring videos coming later.
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    VIR south

    Kappy sighting!
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    Stoked for Monday. If weather allows, I may do a track walk Sunday after I unload. Monday weather continues to look good, especially for this time of year! WOOT! Queue jaws music...
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    1st track day in over 20yrs!

    Welcome! VIR is a great place to get back to it. (Is that Fazer a newer one of a mini V-max from the good old days?) The TTM will be a blast, and you're likely to find other fun adn flickable 250cc-500cc bikes out with you. Let's definitely connect at the track. I have a lot of miles around...
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    Track suit cleaner

    See post #11.
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    That looks like a hoot! I love that place. I can probably find you some time at Patriot if you want to talk about lines there when we're at South.
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    R1 Low power, cylinder pressure

    You don't want to get into Segal's law, but having a backup tool can be helpful. For me, the compression tester is used so rarely that I frequently have to put a new Schrader valve in the end when I use it. This is the same with the myriad of PSI gauges at the track. If you try 10 on your...
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    VIR South Monday 8/1

    You guys know that this is my favorite track! A lot of riders have been only to the North Course, so I've reposted a few links here for familiarization to the South Course as the date gets closer. :) Prior post with a lot of info. Some video: A guy zipping around running 1:20s maxing out at...