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Mr Brent said you might be able to help me.
I have a good friend wanting to do a first time track day but for family reasons is on an intense budget. He has the TCX sport boots that lace up, mid high will those be OK for little talledega?
Also can he rent leathers through sportbike Track time? If so can I reserve them when I pay for it?
Thanks in advance for your time.
As other offers came after you and I'd like to give you the first shot, can you pls reach out before 6:00pm today ? Thanks much
Hi, Laurent here with the 04/24 PittRace for sale day. Can you please reach out to me directly through my gmail account (Laurentveron01@gmail.com) or phone (416-996-5577) as opposed to dealing through the forum? Easier to coordinate the transfer (which will be my first on n2td btw)
Voicemail, txt message sent sir. Thanks. Was at work today.

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