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    looking for a dedicated track day bike

    Yes it's a conspiracy to try to unload the bike on to an unsuspecting member, you have cracked the case. Or we all know Jeff personally and are willing to comment on his reputation and character as a stand up honest seller. Additionally, I personally wouldn't make a recommendation that could...
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    looking for a dedicated track day bike

    Jeff is rock solid and so's the bike, if you're still interested I can have him reach out or shoot his contact info
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    First timer

    Signing up you go to the website, create an account and select the membership type. Once that’s done you and you have established an account you can select a track day to register for. Regarding leathers, I have requested the info as I don’t know it.
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    2 days at road atlanta for $400

    Has to be the same group you're registered for
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    2015 KTM 390 cup bike

    Yes in CT
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    Like new 2011 CRF 80 F

    I'll off $2500 bit you have to throw in a Ducati
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    Summit Main Air Fence Help Needed 5/23/2022

    Jack you're falling apart!
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    2009 ZX6

    Bump still for sale
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    2015 KTM 390 cup bike

    Bump for a rock solid seller
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    New Rider

    If you are comfortable operating your bike at highway and greater speeds, you’ll learn more on track in a safer environment that the street. All of our control riders have similar training and diverse backgrounds. Welcome aboard, and I know I’ll be at most summit days, if you need some help...
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    Hello from North GA!

    Try not to spend too much at your dealer save that money for tires and track time, as noted above basic stuff until you're in the Advanced group, no leaks, good tires, brakes and good safety equipment.
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    2016 Yamaha R1

    Trusted seller
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    Pittrace Bad Crash 4/23/2022

    Like on track, go faster!
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    Pittrace Bad Crash 4/23/2022

    I'll try to get some people to reach out