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    WTB: 2009+ KTM250 dirt wheels (18"/21")

    Brad, Are you sure you don‘t want Kawasaki wheels instead of ktm?
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    2016 RSV4 Race Parts

    We have a weekend at summit main in a few weeks, right next to Winchester!
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    Met a few faces from N2 this week!

    We have a few events left this year in the north east, you could reach out to Emerson at bobblehead moto and rent a couple different bikes to try out, I think he has a nice ninja 400 which looks real fun.
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    Met a few faces from N2 this week!

    Welcome aboard, we all started where you’re at so feel free to ask any questions.
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    Safety wire

    If you have a drill press it cuts down on broken bits. But vice grips or a bench vice and hand held work too
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    Endurance Race September

    I think Chris signed on with a bunch of bums
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    What ear plugs do you use?

    3m disposable in the flavor of orange. Bought a 1000 count box a few years ago on amazon and it’s mostly full still.
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    New here

    Always a possibility, ride your ride, follow the rules, hot your apexes, make good decisions And most of all have fun. Usually the major of people bumped are observed and discussed without them even knowing, they just do their thing. If you need help hit me up I’ll be at the next 2 events...
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    I have see about 9 posts on these, would you match price?
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    Participated in my first track day at Nelson’s Ledges on Friday

    Welcome aboard, we had to adjust to some crazy weather but we got a few good sessions in. We are back there again this weekend if you can make it the weather looks ideal. Hope to see this weekend.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome back see you at NC Bike
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    KTM RC8RR and RC8R Limmited Edition Package Deal

    LE sold, new price for track bike and spares is $20,000
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    Pitt Race - coaching tips

    Folks, Look at the map and think about your lap, where are you at full throttle the longest amount of time. I think there will be some arguments but 3 or 4 areas come to mind. Exiting the turn that sets up that full throttle section would identify that turn as one of the crucial turns on the...
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    New here

    Welcome, we all have days our equipment won’t cooperate, try fixing her up and go at it again in a few weeks. Welcome aboard!
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    Like Dave, one to two years depending on brand. I agree they can be repaired but after the year I had with injuries to both hands I prefer to go with new ones as there are things wearing like seems that might let loose at the worst time.