2-piece vented Vanson girl gear


Control Rider
Indistinguishable from new pants and jacket set. Best venting in the market; drilled not punched holes, so they don't close back up, ever. These babies flow air!

Pants fit a 6/8 or medium. Top fits a bust size 36 with some room, so 38 would also be fine. They zip together in the back.

Pants are size 12 with two zippered generous front pockets and one generous snap closure rear pocket. Heavy duty belt loop waist. Soft armor in hips and knees. (No Velcro or knee pucks.)

I can't confirm, but they look similar to SportRider model, retail $639 or Traveler model, retail $639.

Jacket is a size 10 with reflective piping and Vanson arm patches. Multiple pockets and rear storage area. Adjustable waist. Trademark credit card/cash pocket in zipper flap. Internal panels in front can be zipped closed in cooler weather. Soft armor in shoulders. Hard armor in elbows/forearms.

(I can't confirm, but it looks similar to the Full Throttle model, retail $769)

This is incredibly versatile gear. Nobody, but nobody builds gear like Vanson. I've been to their warehouse/manufacturing facility a few times and ride in only their leathers. Both pieces have their trademark serial numbers.

I'm happy to field any questions or e-mail full sized photos.

Selling as a set. Asking $800 and open to all reasonable offers. Will leave here for a few days before posting on F-book.I'd much rather they go to an N2 member!

Optional items may be available from Vanson such as panels to zip together on both sides of the front, and a snap-in vest/liner for the jacket.



Control Rider
Can't go wrong with a Vanson. I finally had to retire my track leathers 4 years ago after 13 years, but the two piece street suit I got at the same time is in perfect shape. Looks similar to the pictured, does flow a lot of air!


Control Rider
Bump. Planning to be at Road Atlanta at the end of June and should be able to deliver there.