2021 New Endurance Relay - Reg Fee


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I was excited to hear about the endurance relay class addition this year. Me and a few fellow club racers have talked about trying a team race as a bucket list thing, but always intimidated by the "who's bike do we use" decision! Hahaha this takes care of that!

With that said, it seems like I can't proceed to register (to see reg fees) until I create a team....but the team doesn't want to apply for WERA license / create team until we know the cost of the event....classic. LOL

Soooo how much does it cost to enter a team in the relay? Specifically regarding the August PittRace event.



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No am/ex/pro differentiation. Just guessing at price based on last year but $525 day of, $500 early registration


I've struggled to get a team together for the past few years, partially due to the complexities of the bike riding problem. Handling the cost of a crash, etc, can be a bit trickier than just splitting the entrance/gas/tire costs.

Working on getting to a relay team this year to actually make it happen. Might not quite be the full endurance experience, but it should actually get me out on that grid, which says something!


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When will the Rely Team Event for CMP registration be open? All I can register for now is the 4hr Endurance and the 2hr LW Endurance.

I have a team setup and ready to go. Just need access to registration...


Who would be interested in doing the Relay Race at Pitt in August? I’m on a R6

Hey Chris. I'm looking for a third right now for that round. Two wera experts on 600 class bikes though I don't think we'll be in competition for the win. We should talk.


Still open to adding another rider. One of our guys won't be able to participate in this one, so we need one more than planned. Let me know if you're interested!