Changing over to Dunlop slicks from Pirelli SCs


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Changing over to Dunlop slicks from Pirelli slicks. Will be using the 120/70 and 180/60 at Homestead Jan 21st. What would be the recommended compound to use at Homestead? Also any other info on these tires will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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They are round and black. Side walls are stiffer on the lips and they don't have a steel belt (use Kevlar which doesn't transfer heat) so they are harder to get hot and keep hot, on smaller bikes I think a softer compound so you're flexing the carcass more will help. You may want to make some minor adjustments to clickers too, open the valving up 2 clicks to account for les flex at the tire compared to Pirelli. These are all my assumptions/guesses as far as compounds and set up but seem reasonable to me.


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harder to get hot and keep hot, on smaller bikes
Yeah, good point.
What bike are we talking here?

I am riding KR451 Rear, KR448 Front which are "medium" compounds.
Off the warmers were at 22/34psi (R/F) on a FZ09. Front looked beautiful and felt great, rear felt fine but looks like a little bit of cold tear. Temperatures that day were mid to high 60's at NCBIKE. (For what that's worth.)

Run what you brung, then consult with the pros at the track to see what you might want to change.


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First, the KR451/448 isn't the compound codes, That's the model number of the slicks, The compound codes are a 4 digit number on the same side of the tire as the balance dot

Homestead can go a few ways on compounds depending on the temp, and the wear you are looking for. Are you looking for the fastest tire you can get, or a tire that will last a long time. I know, I know, you want both.

Our customers that come from Pirelli. we normally suggest starting with 0129 fronts and 0129/0097 rears. These are fast compounds, not the endurance compounds, but they also have a more similar feel to the Pirelli tires.