Chest and Back Protectors


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I am in need of a back protector for WERA, might as well get a chest protector as well. --- I checked a while back into what WSBK riders are wearing and saw Alvaro Bautista pull out some little rinky dink thing that looked to be about the size of his palm. I have a sedici one piece track suit (that actually isn't bad) and just looking for something with good (or some) rib coverage if possible that isn't the size of the gear I used to wear as a HS running back. What are you wearing / what do you recommend?


I ride with a Dainese Wave back protector. It has two shoulder straps and a wide velcro kidney strap that helps keep it in place when slipping into my suit. It's light and comfortable. The area it covers goes all the way from the collar of my suit down past my tailbone. I also ride with a Hit-Air RS-1 airbag vest. I don't have any experience to share on chest protectors.

I've crashed tested all these components and didn't suffer serious injury, but I'd like to believe they helped tremendously.
If you haven't already, look into an airbag system as well.
I prefer the external ones that offer some neck protection. No internal to the suit systems I've seen seem to support your head/neck.

Hope this helps.
I have both styles of the Dainese back protector - the “lobster back” protector and also the honeycomb grid back protector.

The lobster back is probably more protective because it has a series of hardshell plastic segments and an energy-dissipating metal and foam grid underneath. The waist belt is a narrow strap. This is the one that Dainese provides with the Mugello Custom Works suit although the shoulder straps are an additional purchase item.

The black and red honeycomb grid version easily adapts to the contours of your back and breathes a lot more. The dense but pliable material will dissipate the energy of a broad blow on impact but may not deflect very well a pointed blow. This protector is made up of large segments (cervical, thoracic and sacral) with “expansion joints” between them. These are glued together but the glue on mine has deteriorated and I’ve used zip ties to keep the protector together.

Any back protector is better than no back protector.


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Check out ForceField, but I am not sure who is distributing them now since Motonation isn't around any more. The Pro Sub4K is probably one of the best back protectors you can buy, if not The best. I have the older Pro L2K which is also still considered top level protection. I also have a ForceField chest protector and, they work.
Safety Impact Armor, as mentioned, is another top one.


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I use the Alpinestar back protector and a Bohn chest protector, has a extra pad on the chest and wraps around my ribs. Doesn't cover all my ribs but a good portion of them. I know the Forcefield stuff that Omar mentioned is good too.