First track day complete


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Did my first ever track day yesterday Monday the 8th. A bit scared going in but felt better as the day progressed. Give a big shout out to Alan my CR who was tough on me but he wanted to push me to get better at keeping the track line. Also to Bob for getting me to the pit when I missed the pit line on lap 2 session 1. Gots lots to learn! Primarily a new rider over all but pushed my limits in the controlled environment thanks to N2. Will definitely be doing another one soon.

My hardest turns were T1 and T5 hopefully next time I can do better.

Thanks to the other few riders I met Sebastián and Jay for thier help and tips.

If I slowed anyone down sorry.. I was on a black Fz07 number 222.


Its awesome to get out on track with coaching early in your riding life. Bad habits are hard to break before you pick up good ones, and you haven't had the time to learn a lot of bad habits. Kudos!