How to become a motorcycle track coach?


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Hello, my name is Regan. I'm almost 32 years old with about 9 years of riding experience. I started on a yamaha r6 and now currently ride a yamaha mt07 and a kawasaki z900.

I was wondering how and if it's too late to become a motorcyle track riding coach and what all is needed to do so? I appreciate any responses to my question, thanks!
Real or not...if you have to ask, you're probably not qualified.

That in itself says you lack qualified experience.


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Anyone can become a coach, I would recommend the following:
  • At least mid-pack A pace or top 10 expert racer
  • A good understanding of how riding a bike fast happens, vision, lines, trail braking, direction....
  • Ability to communicate the ideas above to a new rider
  • Positive attitude and willing to help
  • It's working for free, ride rain, shine, cold, heat, snow. No excuses.
  • Getting to know the other coaches and directors before hand so we can look at you
  • Prior experience coaching or teaching is helpful
  • Be coachable yourself and open to other opinions
That's the best I can do in a few minutes. But hopefully it helps.