N2 2024 SCHEDULE- Packages and Memberships are on sale!


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It’s that time of the year!

All N2 2024 packages are officially on sale now through December 10th.

N2 memberships will be discounted through December 10th.

N2 Basic Membership: now $54
N2 Elite Membership: now $224

All packages and memberships may be purchased directly through your N2 account at https://my.n2td.org.

To purchase a 2024 package, click the “Purchase Packages” in the upper left corner of your screen and our systems will handle the rest (packages are offered in limited quantities and are provided on a first come, first served basis). Elite membership is included as a courtesy for the 12,18 and season packages. Basic membership is included with 6-day package as a courtesy. Package days do not count toward 'Free Elite' for the following year. Package days are not valid for special training events, partner events or endurance race practice days.

Our memberships are based on 12 months (not calendar year) and will “stack” if you already have one.

Registration for 2024 events (other than Homestead in January) will be available January 1st or shortly there after for registration. IS OPEN!

Should you have any questions, please contact our support group by sending an email to support@n2td.org.

Once again, we thank everyone for making N2 the successful organization it has become and we look forward to serving you again in 2024!

Happy Thanksgiving!


N2 Track Days 2024 Preliminary Schedule *

Saturday, January 20- Homestead
Sunday, January 21- Homestead

Saturday, March 9- Roebling Road (Racer School offered)
Sunday, March 10- Roebling Road

Saturday, April 13- NCBike (ATP offered)
Sunday, April 14- NCBike
Saturday, April 20- Pitt Race (ATP offered)
Sunday, April 21- Pitt Race
Saturday, April 27- NCBike- Staff Only Training Event
Sunday, April 28- NCBike- Staff Only Training Event
Monday, April 29- NJMP Thunderbolt
Monday, April 29- Summit Point Main Circuit

Saturday, May 11- Summit Point Main Circuit
Saturday, May 11- Pitt Race (ATP and Racer School offered)
Sunday, May 12- Pitt Race
Monday, May 13- NJMP Thunderbolt
Saturday, May 18- Roebling Road
Sunday, May 19- Roebling Road
Monday, May 20- Summit Point Main Circuit

Saturday, June 1- National Corvette Museum
Sunday, June 2- National Corvette Museum
Monday, June 3- Summit Point Main Circuit
Friday, June 14- Pitt Race
Saturday, June 15- Pitt Race (Racer School offered)
Sunday, June 16- Pitt Race
Saturday, June 22- NCBike
Sunday, June 23- NCBike
Monday, June 24- NJMP Thunderbolt (REMOVED)
Saturday, June 29- Road Atlanta (ATP offered)
Sunday, June 30- Road Atlanta

Monday, July 1- NJMP Thunderbolt
Saturday, July 6- National Corvette Museum
Sunday, July 7- National Corvette Museum
Saturday, July 6- CMP
Sunday, July 7- CMP
Saturday, July 6- Pitt Race
Sunday, July 7- Pitt Race
Monday, July 15- Summit Point Main Circuit
Saturday, July 20- NCBike (ATP and Racer School offered)
Sunday, July 21- NCBike

Saturday, August 3- Roebling Road
Sunday, August 4- Roebling Road
Sunday, August 4 – Summit Shenandoah (REMOVED)
Monday, August 5- Summit Point Main Circuit
Saturday, August 17- Road Atlanta
Sunday, August 18- Road Atlanta
Saturday, August 24- CMP (ATP offered)
Sunday, August 25- CMP
Friday, August 30- Road Atlanta

Saturday, September 7- Summit Point Main Circuit (ATP offered)
Sunday, September 8- Summit Point Main Circuit

Monday, September 9- Summit Point Main Circuit (REMOVED)
Saturday, September 14- Pitt Race
Sunday, September 15- Pitt Race
Saturday, September 28- NCBike (ATP offered)
Sunday, September 29- NCBike
Monday, September 30- NJMP Lightning

Friday, October 11- NJMP Thunderbolt
Saturday, October 12- CMP (ATP offered)
Sunday, October 13- CMP
Saturday, October 26- NCBike
Sunday, October 27- NCBike

Saturday, Nov 30 - Barber Motorsports Park (ATP offered)
Sunday, Dec 1- Barber Motorsports Park

*Some changes may occur. Additional dates will be added as they become available, including special training and race events. Packages may not apply to special training events or endurance practice days. ATP and Racer school events will be added in the near future.
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Are the 2024 dates available for booking? It says available after Jan 1 above.

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Sorry, everyone. I missed this post. Summit is not sold out. The dates shown (and possibly more...) have been offered to us. We are working through the contract and pricing increases (yes, again). When that is all sorted, we will open registration. Did not want to leave Summit off the list completely.


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Also as a reminder, we typically release the track dates first followed by endurance dates. Then we add in the racer schools, ATP and any special events. With close to 70 days, a new track, endurance rounds and trying to avoid conflicts with MotoAmerica this is a big lift getting everything in place. End of November through January are jammed with releasing package/membership drive, finalizing calendar, reviewing contracts, partner agreements, opening registration, etc..

I know most haven't ridden in a while and are eager for warm weather. 2024 will be an outstanding year!


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You asked a weird question. This forum does not require a membership. Did you read the thread? Do you know what this forum is for?


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Really looking forward to riding NCM this year. I get excited about new-to-me tracks.

Also have Autobahn Country Club in Illinois with ChampSchool on the calendar.

I wanted to get out to Cresson in Texas (ChampSchool) but not gonna happen this year. Maybe 2025.