Pirelli Superbike Slicks?


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I'm just a casual intermediate trackday guy.

I was wondering, are tire warmers absolutely NEEDED to be used for racing slicks?
Can you safely do 2 warm up laps to get them up to temp before pushing to ones best ability after those 1 or 2 warm up laps?


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You must have your hands on a set. :D keep in mind it's a race tire, so it's highly recommended that you use tire warmers to get the best performance. I've never seen anyone go out on cold race tires to push unless they forgot to turn on their warmers and they had the next race. There are a lot of particulars the play into this too, bottom line if you have race tire use warmers. I think Pirelli sells a trackday slick where no warmers are required.


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no I'm just curious, cuz I bought a trackbike with 2 sets of rims. I just bought bridgestone RS10's and got em installed on my 1 set of rims. Which I will be using for my first time out on this "new to me" bike! The other set of rims have Pirelli superbike slicks on them. Previous owner was a WERA racer and used the slicks afew days. Still some meat left on them. So I was thinking, that I would bring them with me on a HOT summer trackday @ Grattan here June-July. Leave them sitting outside in the sunlight several Hours, then later on say 3pm put them on and do 1 session or 2 in the later part of the day when its much hotter outside. Since I dont have tire warmers, not even a generator. I dont really have the room to bring that with me. I have my car+small trailer PACKED to the max already lol