Roebling Road Raceway: 09-10 March 24


ATP Assistant Instructor
I’ll be in Daytona for the KotB race on Fri, 08 March and the D200 race on Sat, 09 March before running up to RRR to get some laps in on Sun, 10 March.

Looking forward to seeing the Green Gang!


Ride safe.
Hoping to see you sooner than later back on track.
I'm doing a cool 2 day event with Ken Hill at the end of April. (VIR - South)

Post up some pics when you're out. I haven't been down to RRR in a long time.


Control Rider
Your post makes that sound good...but I have a bad feeling about going about it like that. Post video... :rofl:


ATP Assistant Instructor
Ken Hill event - great start to a new season.

In spite of VIR South being a short distance track, I think it’s well worth the 11 hours it takes me to get there. Love that circuit!

At Roebling Imma rock those corners like Dr Nefario.