Thank you N2 and NESBA


Control Rider
I started riding on the track back in 2004. There are a few out there that have been doing it longer and many many more that have moved on from the sport. I have gained a lot of friends riding motorcycles and I've spent ALOT of money riding motorcycles! It's been wonderful and I wouldn't change anything!

The first part of the journey was with NESBA and that club got it hooks in me and wouldn't let go. The best people from that organization got together and created what you see today in N2.

I don't know where I will be in another 20 years, but let's at least live in the moment today. This will be my 20th season doing trackdays and I have decided to commemorate this with a sticker I created on my bikes.

"THANK YOU" to my N2 family and all the old NESBA members still out there riding! I hope to see everyone at the track soon!

N2ESBA 20.jpg


Control Rider
What? That's like claiming 30 years as a Ravens fan because you had Colts tickets in a previous life! Just a little B-more humor...Congrats, I think I'm 2 years behind you....:D


Control Rider
Congrats, Jim! I have met so many people through motorcycles whose paths I otherwise wouldn't have crossed. It's been an amazing time and I expect to have a lot of years left.

Since we're doing history: I started track riding in 1995 with a Reg Pridmore CLASS, then joined Reduc Sportbike Association. When they folded, I joined NESBA in 2007. Then, of course, N2! Damn that makes this year 28.
I’m at one full season as of last year.

Compared to you guys, I guess that means I’m an infant and haven’t even had my first poop in my N2 diapers.


Alex's Ohvale Mechanic
OGs have 4 digit membership numbers and remember Dutch and Chris Moon.

Did Team Hammer at Pocono in 1997. Joined Nesba in 2002.

Just picked up a 2015 R3 for my kid. He will be 13 in June. We wear the same size boots for now. He’s 5 foot 7. So he will be calling me “Shorty” probably by years end. (Sigh)