The MotoAmerica Thread


Track Day Superstar
I successfully blew an entire day watching racing on TV.

Insane levels of chilly temps and relentless rain at Road America. The conditions were clearly tough with podium finishers having trouble speaking normally.

I cringed when I saw JR43 go down in front of KW33 in the KotB race. Thank goodness he didn’t run over him or his bike.

I thought BD22 did really well given the conditions and the hyper-competitive SS field. I think it’s important to remember it’s still his first season in this class.

Switching gears…

It’s always amazing to cruise the MotoAmerica pit area and see the resplendent factory teams and the smaller but well-resourced and well-organized teams. But something that REALLY captures my attention and respect are the privateers. Probably clear to a lot of our veteran CRs but perhaps not for others, @POSSE (N2 Track Day Director) is out there doing it all with little to no support. Nothing to say but HATS OFF!
I really enjoy seeing posse out there. Its very inspiring to a novice rider (soon to be racer) like me to see a CR bridging that gap between amateur and professional riding. Plus now that i ride in A-group I can finally get on track with him and see how fast (fast) really is, maybe even get a few corners of being able to watch / follow before I get dusted. Speaking of M.A. riders when you and I were at Pitt Race, Alessandro DiMario was out there in A- Group. I was running a good WERA novice race pace and he SMOKED ME. He passed me in T1 and was out of sight as I was coming into T4. :'( Just when you think you're getting fast, the pro's come along and remind you you're really not. :rofl:
He’s definitely coaching. I saw him at Road Atlanta and Barber in a team jersey but didn’t take the time to note which team.
Yeah, I just connected the dots and realized I'm not making the PRE fundraiser this year.

I'm super bummed because I said last year (after having such a grand time) I was going to be there with a bunch of juicy swag from work for the auction.