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    What ear plugs do you use?

    1. Wet ear canal. 2. Roll up Laser Lite until it is nice an narrow. 3. At the same time you go to insert in ear with one hand, reach behind head with other hand and pull up and back on outer ear. This will open the canal and allow the plug to go in easily. Don't insert too far. Don't try...
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    Best place to stay near NC Bike(Garysburg NC)?

    I once communicated this concern to a fellow rider. He looked around at all the expensive motorcycles and gear at the track, and then looked at my stuff. "I think your safe."
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    When will we get to ride again?

    Aaaahhllmmm..... Aaaaahhllmmm....Aaahhllmmm... The frustration, fear, sadness, and anger many of us feel won't mean squat when braking into turn one, which will be happening soon enough. In the meantime, do what you have to, I suggest burpees, lots of them.
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    Fairing bodywork Greater Pittsburgh Area

    If you can't find someone local, you could reach out to DC Paintworx in Easton, PA and see what he would charge to paint and ship. I would assume he ships regularly. Best of luck.
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    Age Restriction?
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    Best bang for buck generator? Yamaha has recalled 10,100 EF2000iS recreational inverter generators because the fuel tank can leak, posing a fire and burn hazard.
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    Should I upgrade my back protector?

    Forcefield Pro L2K Evo works great on the track. It's surprisingly comfortable when crashing. Get the chest protector if you want added protection. If you want to move up from there, I would look at air suits from Dainese or AStars.
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    NJ to Barber

    I am driving from Camden County NJ to Barber, leaving early Friday and coming back on Monday. I am taking an SUV pulling a 5x8 open utility trailer. Not looking for gas/tolls, just would like someone to take the wheel for part of the trip so I can sleep, work, read. My wife bailed. I have room...
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    NJMP April 29 Attendees Please Read

    Whenever I read such clear instructions, I am reminded of this scene....
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    Best MotorcycleTires Replacement - CBR600RR

    Just to confuse things, Pirelli now makes a Diablo Rosso Corsa II, which is similar sounding, but different from, the Diablo Rosso III, and not to be confused with the Diablo Supercorsa SP V3. Pirelli is good at making tires, naming tires, not so much..
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    Nice Feedback about N2 on Two Enthusiasts Podcast

    Jensen Beeler of Asphalt and Rubber speaks highly about N2 on Two Enthusiasts Podcast. At about 18:00 If you have never given a listen, check them out. Great show.
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    Monday at NJMP

    Monday was a great day. Small attendance and wide open track. Props to CR Lenny for stopping by and giving pointers to me and other riders in the pits. Also thanks for making the last session a blast by pushing me to brake later - just showing me enough wheel to let me know you were there...
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    Barber 2017

    Took the long ride from Southern NJ, but it was well worth the trip. What a great weekend. What an impressive facility. This was my 4th time with N2 (novice) and continue to be impressed - from the classes, to control riders, to fellow riders, to the track workers - all top notch. Thanks...
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    10-21 NCBike photos?

    Thanks Juice-Box. Looks like Apex was there too. Hearno - it looks like both photographers were there both days.