13 GSXR750 track bike (clean title)

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    2013 GSXR-750

    - 70 miles (original and legit)
    - Radiator guard
    - PAIR Valve removed
    - SET Valve removed
    - New HiFlo air filter
    - Vortex Chain/Sprockets
    - LacMoto Race Bodywork – Painted professionally
    - Fresh oil change (HiFlo Filter)
    - Fresh Engine Ice coolant
    - Safety wired oil fill, radiator cap, oil filter clamp
    - Yosh Exhuast with Midpipe (now a full system)

    The bike is amazing and not even broken in yet! Was in the process of converting it to track and have decided I want to get a 1000 (GSXR, ZX10, R1 but leaning towards the GSXR1k atm). Bike has 1 key and a clean title not in my name because – track/race bike :)
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    Pics and location ?
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    So sorry for the delayed response guys

    Location is GA. Pics below. I have added some key parts so price has gone up (or can bring back to as described)

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    WC clipons
    WC rearsets
    GB Racing Case Covers
    Gaffer brake lines
    EBC EPFA race pads
    ECU flashed and dyno tuned (through ECU)
    Decal kit

    Literally all you need is suspension!!

    New price is $6750.

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