2004 Yamaha R6 YZF-600R

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    2004 R6 for Sale in Charlotte, NC

    This was a street bike until the end of 2013 when I turned it into my coaching track bike.

    Moto Fairing track bodywork in mediocre condition,

    Front brakes have stainless lines and good pads

    Nearly new battery w/tender cable attached

    Stock gearing (16/48) on nearly new 532 chain/sprockets (I’ve run 532 since 2013 - wear is nonexistent)

    Stock suspension w/~3k miles on it

    Distilled water and Water Wetter

    Safety wired for most track organizations (radiator cap, oil dipstick, oil fill, and oil drain)

    Frame sliders and swing arm spools (right slider isn’t mounted; I can drill fairing hole/slot, or you can. People seem particular about these things!)

    Nearly fresh Mobil 1 4T oil/filter (~1k miles to next change)

    Yoshimura full race exhaust system

    Two matching keys (for ignition and tank)

    Mirror block off plates

    Owners manual

    PDF of service manual available

    Tank has Snake Skin Tech Spec and some heavy duty black tape to protect it

    Mobil 1 4T with every oil change

    I put two clean, great condition wheels on it, but you’ll want to replace the old tires

    Title is South Carolina in original seller’s name (filled in and signed)


    Two extra HH front pad sets

    Extra used sprocket for different tracks (50 tooth in 532)

    Extra levers

    This is an unassuming bike capable of extraordinary things. Will take you up through Intermediate group comfortably. Or near the top of advanced with suspension set for you.

    $2200/BRO I’m listening!

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