2005 Ducati 999

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by peoples1234, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. peoples1234

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    2005 Ducati 999 currently setup with track fairings

    5880 miles
    Belts and Valves done @ 5283
    Elka rear shock, only two track days since refresh
    Showa forks with Ohlins internals, work done by Cogent Dynamics - two days since build
    Shorai Battery
    OEM fairings - need repainting, but are not cracked or damaged in any way
    PCIII - tuned by DucPond
    Spark Titanium Slip-on
    Clean MD Title

    I have everything that would be needed to put it back to street duty, minus a fairing stay wing. Nevertheless, this bike makes a great track bike.

    $5000 for y'all as it sits. I can go lower, but I'll have to take off the Spark and the Elka to do so.

  2. herby

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    Hi Chris, what rider weight are the forks and shock set up for?
  3. peoples1234

    peoples1234 New Member

    The bike was setup for me with gear @ 285. I'm of the heavier variety...lol. Nevertheless, the front springs are actually a little under sprung for me because ohlins didn't make ones that would be exact for me and I didn't want to have a custom set machined. The rear is spot on for my weight. I do have another rear spring I will thrown in with the bike for a 185-200 lbs rider.
  4. peoples1234

    peoples1234 New Member

    Oh I knew I'd forget something.

    The bike is in Poolesville, MD or about 45 mins NW of DC. Also it does have a slipper clutch that I put in as well.
  5. pjzocc

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    Chris - have you got pics of the street stuff? Could you email to: philipz217 at gmail dot com ?

    I had a 999. I sold my 999.

    I miss my 999.

    (longshot but... interested in any trades?) :D
  6. peoples1234

    peoples1234 New Member

    Not really interested in trades, but you could bend my ear in a PM if you want.

    I have had a few people ask for pictures of the OEM plastics, so I will be pulling them out of the attic soon. Probably can't do it until Sunday though...
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