2009 - 2014 BMW Alpha Racing Full Carbon Race Bodywork Set

Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories' started by D-Swens, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. D-Swens

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    2012 - 2014 BMW HP4 / S1000RR
    (Direct bolt-up to 09 - 14)

    This is a brand new full set of Alpha Racing full WSBK carbon fiber race bodywork, with ALL of the best of the best accessories, including MRA windscreen, Alpha frame quick-mount brackets, Alpha fairing stay, reservoir bottle, fenders, carbon fiber seat, ect.

    This includes:
    Race Upper
    Superbike Full Tail
    Carbon Superbike seat and pan
    Front Fender
    Rear Hugger
    MRA custom race windscreen ($199)
    Alpha aluminum fairing stay ($288)
    Carbon reservoir bottle
    Full Quick-release frame mount brackets and Zues fasterners ($160)
    Carbon full tank cover + sides

    Long story short, I purchased this for a client for a really nice HP4 build. Unfortunately he has had to take an unexpected break from the track this year, and we are just trying lessen our loss.

    All parts are brand new, and have never been on a bike. We did take the tail and fender and give them a deep clean and sand all over with 600, in preparation for an exposed carbon WSBK replica paint job. I can easily just lay down some new clear, or talk to you about adding some custom paint details. We are a full custom paint shop, and are glad to talk to you about adding some cool paint details and decals to this set while we have it, if you want.

    This full kit cost $3775 shipped here from Europe.

    *** for free, I will add in a mint raw aluminum polished fuel tank. (This is professionally done with a soda blaster and acid, and directionally polished. As nice as any Panigale R or R1M tank)
    This is a $1200 value for free...

    This is just about $5k of new parts

    Offering at $2995 for everything.




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  2. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Dayum... if I had a beemer, I'd nab this in a heartbeat.
  3. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex's Dad

    That's some pretty stuff fo sho!
  4. wmhjr

    wmhjr Grandpa Control Rider Director

    I saw this in person about a week ago. It's really incredible hardware...
  5. Kurt_Orban

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  6. D-Swens

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    Come get that new BMW of yours all pimped out man. Come on by the shop and check it out. You won't be disappointed. This stuff feels like you are holding a half empty box of cleanex.
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  7. D-Swens

    D-Swens Member

    Still have the set available... willing to play " lets make a deal " :like:
  8. D-Swens

    D-Swens Member

    Still for sale...

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