2009 F150 vs 2009 Silverado 1500

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by EngineNoO9, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. EngineNoO9

    EngineNoO9 Member

    Looking at the crew cabs (full 4 door) for each truck and the ford with the 5.4L V8 and the chevy with the 5.3L V8, 4x4, standard bed size, and mid-grade options (XLT for the Ford and not sure what it ends up being for GM, LT maybe?) Which would you choose and why? Ready set go!!



  2. mfriedl

    mfriedl Member


    Buy mine and get the same truck but fully loaded. :)

    I'd say if you go new, go bigger. F250/2500 diesels at minimum unless you only plan on pulling 20 ft and under. my .02
  3. EngineNoO9

    EngineNoO9 Member

    haha. I don't ever plan on towing something that big. I'd be happy with a single axle enclosed. Maybe at most a two axle. But for now it's only a small utility trailer.
  4. dfaldridge

    dfaldridge New Member

    I have an f150 and love it. I will say this though, I hate pulling single axle trailers. If you do get an enclosed trailer, spend alittle extra and get the tandem. I bought an eighteen foot used for twenty five and it was clean and in good condition. The f150 pulls it great. You will fill it up quick, trust me. I sleep in mine and it stays ready with my gear all the time. I fill the cooler up, tighten the straps down on the RC and go!
  5. EngineNoO9

    EngineNoO9 Member

    I love diesels but they're like $8-10k more and man that's a little too much more then what I want to pay since I wasn't even looking new until I walked into the Ford dealer (and just bought a house back in March)... Plus I figure at most I'm probably only towing maybe 30 times a year. I'm not going every weekend, I just can't. The F150 with the 3.55 limited slip rear, 5.4 v8, and towing package maxes out somewhere like 11,000 lbs. Now obviously it probably won't do it well and will get crap mileage but it'll do it. Now what's an enclosed trailer's weight? Tandem axle is maybe something like 2500 lbs curb weight then add in 1 bike, maybe 2 for a normal weekend so call that 900 lbs for 2 bikes, then another maybe 500 lbs in other crap pending on how things are setup... So looking at towing 3900-4000 lbs. I don't have any desire to goto a toy hauler of any sort (at least yet) and maybe at worst tow 3-4 bikes if I can convince friends to come along. Otherwise it's just me.

    Now what Ford and Chevy need to do is finally put a diesel in their half tons....
  6. Tony A

    Tony A Member

    I have min. knowledge of the fords. But I have an 07 GMC 1500 sierria with the 5.3

    So far 48000 trouble free miles and I get 17.5 gas mileage no trailer and 15.0 avg. with the trailer on. My trailer is a 6 x 12 enclosed pace Low hgt.

    My typ hwy speed is 75, with or w/o trailer

    My prior truck was a 00 GMC sierra with a 5.3 and that had 190000 miles when i sold it, only item that needed work was a fuel regulator replaced.
  7. EngineNoO9

    EngineNoO9 Member

    My dad's GMC yukon xl spun a bearing on the 5.3 at around 100,000 miles. Other then that it's been pretty good and has been what I've been using. Only problem I've seen when trying to read reviews or comparisons is everyone used the Chevy with the new 6.2L v8 and not the more common and cheaper 5.3L. No clue what hte 6.2L option is but gaurantee it puts me over what the Ford costs.
  8. kd83

    kd83 New Member

    Use an 05 F-150 5.4 to haul my 6x12 (single axel) with two bikes all our gear, the truck has no problem doing 75-80 down the highway. Get anywhere between 14-15 with the trailer
  9. jpj

    jpj New Member

    I tow a 6x14 single axle with my 02'Chevy Silverado w/ the 4.8L . Typical mileage with trailer in tow is 12-14mpg. Without trailer it will return 19-21mpg. No issues and no complaints. The choice is buy whatever , it's your money.
  10. ERB68

    ERB68 New Member

    I have read the chevy's get better mileage. I have had chevy's for sometime and love them. I have friends with the ford's and they love them.

    You'll be good with either but I prefer the chevy. Mileage and the extra deep ford box(pain to reach shit in the bed)sway me.
  11. Cyclepath

    Cyclepath Member

    I have an 04 FX4 5.4 with 130,000 miles. I pull a heavy duty tandem enclosed with two tire machines, tool box, and air compressor. Usually add about 50 tires on top of that and it gets about 15mpg and pulls it with no problem.
  12. 1literduceater

    1literduceater New Member

    I have not owned either (have owned both but where 3/4) but I have friends and family members that have them (not 09's). Anyhow my only thought is the ride. I like the ride in the Chevy better. Its a bit softer, a little more comfortable and for that matter feels lower to the ground. I have heard that the Chevy gets better mileage but I dont have proof nor have I seen anything on the i-net to comfirm. Either way you wont be disappointed. Both vehicles will do the job and do it well.

    Oh, just my $0.02, not sure I like the new F-150's tailgate.....kind of goofy looking, no?

    Good luck!
  13. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Geez, how are you guys getting such good mileage? :) I have an '06 F150 Lariat 5.4 V8 3.55 limited slip (I believe). I pull a 7x14 enclosed dual axle and get about 10.2 mpg. Maybe I should drive slower, LOL.

    Anyway, I've been really happy with the Ford. It replaced a V8 Tundra when the trans crapped out with only 60k on the clock. :mad: The Ford tows much better, even though both had the same rating, 9k. From what I understand, they made some great improvements to the '09 F150 with regards to the towing package...some sort of anti-sway? (I bought the weight distributing hitch...well worth the 300 bucks! Highly recommended).
    I also like those kick-out steps on the side of the '09 bed.
  14. EngineNoO9

    EngineNoO9 Member

    Well no crew cab for me at least on an '09. Found out the numbers weren't quite what I thought when going into it. But may look into a extended or even the used one that mfriedl has. We'll see.
  15. jsin38

    jsin38 Member

    Bought my '04 F150 SuperCrew (SCREW for short :)) used back in '05 and love it. I can fit both my SV and my buddy's Gixxer 750 plus the ramps, my mounted rain tires, two 2 gallon fuel cans, one 5 gallon can, both swingarm stands and one front stand. All that fits in the bed. The chairs, ez-up, cooler and rider gear gets to ride in the back seat.

    Buy a Ford. At least they are still in business in the true sense of the word :saythat:

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