2009 R6 200 Racebike

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    For Sale 2009 R6 200 outfit

    Same unit Art Kowitz campaigned a couple seasons ago. It was all fresh then. Last 2 seasons was tore down completely and all new parts.

    Charging system
    Bazzaz Full engine management with 2 maps and TC/Quickshift
    FTECU Flash and License
    BMC Airfilter
    fresh motor
    all new wheel and steering bearings
    FBF quick change all captive stuff for 15 second pit stop
    new body
    fresh paint
    brand new rear sets
    clip ons
    engine covers
    Attack triple trees
    extra wheels with captive spacers, rains, stands, extensive spares kit with extra everything
    new clutch
    motion pro quick turn throttle
    full suspension sprung to your weight
    not a scratch
    never crashed

    We are changing OEM for 2019.

    Any questions call .

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    "Full Suspension" - what brand/cart kits and shock?
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    call Tony 754367259
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    BUMP - Tony - 754-367-2597
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    Ready for Daytona 200
  10. RACER880

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    Daytona is coming
  11. RACER880

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