2013 Triumph Daytona 675R Clean Title $8500 Roanoke, VA

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by bsteve525, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. bsteve525

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    I bought this bike new around June of 2013 to support the race team I was part of at the time. I rode 300 miles on the street, and then converted it to track only. It has a clean title and 1977 miles. It could easily be converted back to a well set up street/track day bike. It is set up with the following:
    - Stock Ohlins Suspension revalved/sprung (for 175lbs)/Tuned by Fastbike Industries. Could use a refresh.
    - Kyle shock link.
    - Stock Quick shift GP pattern.
    - Stock ECU remapped at the dealer for AIS removed and full system.
    - Apex modified triples w/ extra inserts.
    - Motion Pro Revolver quick turn throttle.
    - Triumph Billet front brake reservoir.
    - Pit Bull steering damper.
    - Stomp Grip
    - DB Holder Race upper fairing stay.
    - Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen.
    - Woodcraft rear sets.
    - Woodcraft Clip on (minor repair).
    - Arrow Triumph Race Catalog titanium headers with M4 megaphone muffler.
    - Pit Bull Sprockets
    - Renthal Chain
    - Sharkskins lower and tail w/ Hotbodies Upper.
    - Triumph frame sliders (mounts installed, Pucks are not).
    - Vesrah RJL-XX brake pads.
    - Dunlop GPA Pro's that should be replaced.

    +$500 for an Extra Set of wheels w/ brake disks and speed rings. Usual nicks and scratches from tire changes.
    +$500 if you want the stock parts with the bike (minus the upper fairing stay)
    I will sell separately after the bike sells.

    The 675 is an amazing engine and pulls really well. The power is also very smooth. The Apex triple mod, removing the rear shock spacer, and lengthening the wheel base has made it a really balanced smooth turning ride. It is very easy to turn in but doesn't fall in. It is really stable under hard braking as well.

    I had a low side on track at VIR and the bike went over curbing. The corner of the OEM fairing stay broke, the corner of the radiator got a dent, the tank got a dent, the Arrow muffler got a dent and scratched the swing arm, and a small dent on the lip of the front rim. I replaced the radiator, gas tank, muffler, upper stay, and upper fairing. The front wheel dent was repaired by Wills Wheels in SC. The original front wheel that is on the bike now, doesn't have the abs ring. I rode the bike all of 2016 and the only issue is the fuel gauge doesn't always read right after being swapped to the new tank. I repainted it using PPG single stage. It isn't perfect but looks good (I'm a fan of Westby Racing if you didn't notice). I have a friend that was making new tank stickers and 675R stickers. The first round was too small and I don't know if he will have time to do more.

    I am selling it because the race team shut down. Also, I am 6/4" and have had a hard time fitting on the bike. The seat sits low and the bike is really narrow which is hard for my long legs.

    Again, I'm asking $8500 obo. You can call or text me at five four zero, six seven six, four one one three or email me at bsteve525 through gmail. I will be going to the Cornerspeed day on 4/17/17. Let me know if you'd like me to bring it with.

    IMG_0966_rs.jpg IMG_0967rs.jpg IMG_1012rs.jpg IMG_1013rs.jpg IMG_1014rs.jpg IMG_1015rs.jpg IMG_1020rs.jpg IMG_1021.JPG IMG_1016rs.jpg
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    One of these days if I get fast enough I'll do the triple's and the rear link... nice bike :)
  3. bsteve525

    bsteve525 New Member

    Thanks. The bike does well stock. A shorter teammate of mine ran 1:31's on VIR N with the stock triples and link. Being as tall as I am, the bike wanted to fall into the turn. The triples helped that some. Taking the rear shock spacer out was the biggest help. The rear link was just because I wanted to try it.
  4. bsteve525

    bsteve525 New Member

    Friday Price drop $7995!
    Great price for a great well setup bike. I am not always able to answer the phone, so leave me your name and number and a good time to call you back if I miss your call.

    I forgot to mention that it has Triumph engine guards and a Triumph Toe/sprocket guard. The one low side was the only time the bike was down.

    It still has the ABS installed, but if you'd like to remove it I'd try buying another ECU and having the dealer reflash it as a 2013 Non-ABS model (much cheaper). You would then need a tuner w/ QS. You would need a tuner anyway with the Triumph Race ECU because it isn't able to be tuned/modified in anyway.
  5. bsteve525

    bsteve525 New Member

    No longer for sale as a track bike. I'm going to start converting back to a street bike at the end of this week. I will post the aftermarket parts after I get them all together.

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