2015-2017 R1 Armour Bodies Bodywork Scuffed up but good!

Discussion in 'Armour Bodies' started by Lenny ZX9R, May 6, 2018.

  1. Lenny ZX9R

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    I have a set of Armour Bodies bodywork that I went oops with at Pitt race last year! I raced with this bodywork all last year but got my old Sharkskinz back for this season. Its painted with my custom paint job by Andrew Swenson ( He does the factory Yamaha guys). I'm getting another set of Sharkskinz so this set has to go! Its a good set to get you on the track and save your street stuff! Asking 250.00 as it will mount up and your ready to go! Pictures to follow as I have to wait for Big Jim to Upload them! LOL!
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  3. Thunderace

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