2015 Yamaha R1

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    2015 Yamaha R1 track bike for sale
    Located in central Ohio.
    Clean title in hand
    1542 total miles
    Recall completed
    Sprung for 220lb rider currently (1 trackday after freshened)
    Ohlins TTX (refresh 2018 by Joe at Witchkraft)
    Ohlins 30mm kit fork internals (installed and refreshed by Joe at Witchkraft)
    Ohlins steering stabilizer
    Full Arrow exhaust (shorty can)
    SBK Unlimited ECU Flash
    Graves Exup eliminator
    Graves smog blockoff
    Speigler brake lines (ABS lines removed)
    Vesrah XXX pads
    Woodcraft rearsets (GP Shift)
    Woodcraft frame sliders (one side minor scuffing)
    Armorbodies SS bodywork (paint by 614 Paintworx)
    Zero gravity screen
    Lighttech gas cap
    Additional hotbodies upper and lower (black)
    Additional Sharkskins tail (Black)
    COX radiator guard
    GB case savers full kit
    Renthal 520 sprockets (1 track day on)
    DID ERV 520 chain (1 track day on)
    Renthal clip on’s (post recall) and renthal Kevlar grips
    Aftermarket fairing stay with full carbon ram air tube
    Ballistic lightweight battery and charging kit
    All stock (0 mile) bodywork and original parts. (Raven color)

    Bike was down once in 15, slow low side at Barber no other incidents or issues.

    Bike and parts listed above $11000

    Accessories or more spares:

    -Spare stock Yamaha wheel set complete (front has very minor bend in wheel lip, was like that when I got it)
    -new Ohlins steering damper for 2015 R1
    -pit bull rear spool stand
    -pit bull new-front stand
    -pitbull tire wedge (for changing tires easier)
    -Chickenhawk standard tire warmers
    -Woodcraft rear brake return spring kit
    -AIM SOLO GPS lap timer (currently mounted bike)
    -1 new rear Dunlop slick 200 size
    -2 new Dunlop front slicks
    -1 ride used Dunlop rains.

    Everything listed if bought together $13000

    Serious inquiries email: wstranahan@hotmail.com
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    slowohioboy New Member

    Sale pending on the Motorcycle.

    Will update once complete.
  3. slowohioboy

    slowohioboy New Member

    Bike sold, left with new owner this morning.

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