2017 Honda CRF250L Rally Dual Sport - $5,800 (University Area of Charlotte, NC)


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2017 Honda CRF250L Rally

5700 miles but I'm still riding it.

Great condition with a TON of mods! Adult owned. 2 keys and clear title

$5800/BRO with everything but the soft luggage and physical phone mount (moved to my other bike)
Not interested in trades. Trying to make room in the garage!

This bike is perfect and ready to roll anywhere! ~$3k in useful add ons/mods

  • Ohlins Adventure S46 HO 703 Shock w/ 60012-14/64 1317 spring (80 Newtons or 8.15) kg/mm or 457#) $780
  • Ohlins fork kit FKS 123 68003-85 spring $300 (additional spare springs/alternate weights)
  • Seat Concepts Seat $325
  • Muffler Two Brother Carbon Fiber $425
  • Acerbis Silencer Protector $35
  • Acerbis X-FACTOR handguards 2374190004 $140
  • IMS FLIGHTLINE shift lever #13114 $52
  • Emperor Racing CRFL-1985 radiator guard $94
  • Heavy Duty clutch w/judder spring removed $85
  • SW-Motech 1-1/4" (30mm?) risers $120
  • Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips $15
  • 12oclocklabs tail light processor and rear fender kit E2-CRF250L-V2 in red $110
  • New Antigravity ATZ-7 150 CCA Lion battery at 13.5V $120 (570g vs. 2654g)
  • New Dunlop D606 front and rear tires
  • Heavy Duty IRC tube in front $25
  • Spare used D605 rear tire
  • Front rimlock lite $14, rear $18, installed w/D606 set
  • Kemimoto Motorcycle Rear Rack Carrier $90
  • Harbor Freight Apache 3800 black rear case $50
  • Black grippy footpegs $35
  • Spare red grippy JFG Racing footpegs $30
  • Clutch cable 22870-KZZ-J00 $15 (spare)
  • Throttle pull cable 17910-KZZ-J00 $12 (spare)
  • Tender cable in left keyed tool storage location
  • USB by gauges for phone/GPS
  • Owners' manual $16
  • Service manual $26
  • Oil/filter done at 4850 miles (additional 1.4 qts GN4 oil $14)
  • Ghost Racing Chinese Waterproof Motorbike Handlebar Bag $19
  • PPF 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series Gloss Clear Bra Vinyl under saddlebags
  • Grip tape for legs on both sides



Control Rider
Bump. Can't seem to figure out how to change the title and initial ad price.

$4900/BO without luggage and phone mount (rack stays with bike).


I can’t buy this for a similar reason as you, but what I will say having had a 2018 one that I sold last year, the price you’re offering it at with all of the add-ons, is a steal! That is a great bike, and I hope somebody buys it!


Control Rider
Sounds like you should sell something and we both win. lol Thanks for the kind words. It does have all of the "stuff" done to it. Riding every weekend anyway!